Little Mermaid on Broadway!


A friend told me that the Little Mermaid is FINALLY coming to Broadway!! Supposedly it will take the stage in '07 and I probably shouldn’t blab this but one of our DC members found and DLed the music (illegally, of course :angel: ) and said it was awesome from what they listened to! It wasn’t me, btw. haha.

Anyway, I couldn’t find TOO much info on it but this is what I found…

-Where is TESSA when we need her??!?! On a PLANE TO WDW, sheesh, NO EXCUSE! hehe! :wink:


That would be terrific! There’s nothing like seeing a Broadway show.


Cool! Tessa’s gonna be sooo excited!


That would so great to see!! Keep us updated if you hear anything else about exact times, etc!! :wub:


AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to go see it! (first I gotta go see Lion King, though… :ninja: )


WAY COOL!!! Thanks Wish~ a great bit of detective work! (perhaps we shuld cal you Basil from now on :laugh: ) I am sooooooo excited! LM is just the best and to see a LM Musical would be just awesome!


Oh great… Yet another Disney show on Broadway… We still haven’t gone to see Beauty or Lion King… Hopefully one of these days… :sad:

Thanks for the info Wish…


How cool! That should be a lot of fun!


I am so excited! LM is my favorite, favorite Disney movie! I just love it! :wub: I saw Beauty and the Beast and loved it, I’m sure LM will be fantastic!!!


Wow, with Tarzan opening this spring and Mary Poppins this fall Disney sure is quite ambitious.


Im the Friend who found all this info, the music is AMAZAZING!
They added a few new songs