Little Mermaid ride to come to DCA


I have a confermation that The Little Mermaid ride is to be put in DCA, only differance is that it is planned to use a ride system like the Doombuggies, because it will be able to handle lots of crowds as opposed to the original Peter Pan like cars. As of right now they would like to put it in the Spot of where ‘Golden Dreams’ is, only keeping the Palace of Fine Arts Structure and the theatre will be torn down and it will tie together the Bay Area with Paradise Pier. Thats where I was told it was going, I guess we shall see!


I read about this too, only I read that it would be in whatever that building is behind the facades of “San Francisco” row homes near Golden Dreams. Or was that where the proposed “Preview Center” is going to be…

I just want to add that it’s going to be REALLY REALLY hard for me to stay away from Disneyland until 2010 :sad:


Hey, you’re back! :laugh:

Does this mean Golden Dreams gets the boot? :happy:

I actually sat down and watched it once, it wasn’t as bad as I expected… :blush:

But nothing worth going back to, either… :pinch:


This is making me nuts… I have to get back to Anaheim!!! Do you think it’s best now to just wait until the construction and expansion activities are done?


You know, it’s funny, when I watched the ride concept video on the Little Mermaid DVD, I kept saying, “that is such a great idea, why aren’t they building that?” I’m so glad it’s going to be going up, even if it’s not a WDW. I really have to start planning a Disneyland trip!!

Thanks for the tip anaheimboy!


well its all in terms of what you want, do you want to see DCA and the resort when its completely under refurbs and such or do you want to see it all finished up with the new things and new shows? If you want to see it all done I would suggest waiting to go to DCA during its 10th Anniversary in 2011, if you want to see it other wise go after this XMAS when things really start to get going.


This is what I was told, The row of the San Fran buildings are to stay since they are pretty much the Bay Area buildings and those are planned to be used as a preview center and Disney Gallery type facility, and if they dont get in the final plans then those row of buildings could also be used for shops. The Palace of Fine Arts Building is to stay and the Little Mermain ride building is supposed to go where the Golden Dreams Theatre is and the facade is planned to be between the Bay Area and the side entrance to Paradise Pier, this would then tie up the ocean bay theme with Paradise Pier and bring it all together and would transition you into a more subtle mode instead of just being BOOM San Fran to BOOM Victorian Bay Pier.
So it will be exciting to see what really takes place.


That’s great news!


I so need to get to Disneyland again. I haven’t been out there since the very early 90’s. I am sure so much has changed. I think i will wait for a few of these new things to be complete before we plan a trip out there though.


I think thats a Good choice, if I were you I might start saving so you could make it out for DCAs 10th Anniversary in 2011? Most of the changes and such should be done by then or at least nearing completion. :happy:


Hopefully, this will show a lot of popularity ala Soarin’ and end up replacing the Little Mermaid show at Hollywood Studios. :happy:

I think the most recent buzz is that it will be a ride like Peter Pan again. I mean think about it… the effects of plunging underwater will be much better if you seem to be floating along.


I’m So Excited. :d