Little One Terrified...Suggestions?


We are going to DW for the third time in December with our youngest daughter (just turned 4 in May) The problem being is that she is terrified of fireworks…so in the past we have just skipped them…but we would LOVE to see them this year. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can minimize her fears and see them from a somewhat quieter area?


You can see them from the beach at POLY. I don’t know about the other monorail resorts.

This may sound dumb, but how about earplugs? I never needed them for my kids, so I don’t know how well they would work.

If you are staying at POP, I understand you can see the fireworks from EPCOT from some of the buildings. 50’s I think.

Sorry, I seem to be grasping at straws, but maybe someone will jump into with a better solution.


can’t you see them from a restaurant at the Contemporary?


How about an iPod for her to listen to during the fireworks?


I have tried the ipod route but she gets all worked up regardless…this past 4th of July was spent in her room under her covers with her and the dog. lol


If you are really wanting to see the fireworks you could look at having her go to the kids center at that time so you can see them.


what aobut the dock at narcooses or anywhere grand floridan you get the muisc and most of the fireworks without all of the boom…


Get a resort baby sitter :wink:


I’d recommend seeing them from far away, such as one of the resorts, etc. Maybe have her watch some on the computer with the sound down low. If she likes the fireworks and just dislikes the sounds, try to minimize the sounds.


I agree with Dopey. We used to have to make the mad dash out of MK when they began too!


What about looking at some of Soundgod’s fireworks videos in the comfort of your own home, slowly de-sensitizing her? Noise cancelling head phones might work too. :slight_smile:


I agree~ your best bet may be to try to watch from a location a little further away rather than right inside the park. All of my kids ADORE the fireworks but maybe just getting a little distance will help lessen the boom & with earplugs or earphones make it bearable for her.


Our 4 year old was terrified of the fireworks on the 4th of July, but she handled them much better at WDW last week (must be part of the Disney magic!). I do carry foam earplugs for her to help her handle some of the louder things at WDW, I don’t know if that would help in your situation.


I feel your pain. My DD was also terrified of fireworks at our september visit. she wanted NOTHING to do with them in any way. In march we went to the Poly & hung out on the beach for awhile, claiming our spot & watched them from over there…she loved loved loved them. she asked my DH “daddy, can we please get some quiet fireworks like these, i like these”:laugh:
she now is ok with fireworks. we even went to the ballpark last week and were able to stay for the fireworks…no longer afraid…thanks poly!


Better yet - get Doug to babysit - he won’t mind.


Beach at Poly is the best choice. Close enough to see and hear them but MUCH less intense. And I believe that the soundtrack plays over the speakers there too.


The beach at GF and Poly are both great for watching the fireworks without being right in the mix of them (and the noises that come with). I also agree with maybe watching some at home (YouTube is great!) where you can control the volume on your computer and turn it off if it gets to be too much. Maybe find something comforting for her to hold while you watch at home and then take that same item on vacation with you so she’ll have something familiar during the real thing. Ear plugs are great too. I think if you do a combo of these things, she should be ok but you know her best and there’s nothing worse than being miserable on vacation so don’t push it if she really doesn’t want to.

Have a great trip and I hope it all works out!


Oh I feel your pain. I don’t think we saw fireworks for 5 years!!:eek:
We bought sound proof ear muffs for our daughter, like the kind you see on famous singers kids at concerts. We let her play w/ them around the house and use them at the 4th fireworks near our home. She decorated them and everything. She loved them! She would lift them off her ears and say “ohh that’s not too bad” and before we knew it NO EAR MUFFS!!!
Try before you go to Disney, so it’s not another “new” thing she has to get used to.
The ear plugs only made her more anxious, she wasn’t used to sticking things in her ears!

Oh ya we bought them at Home Depot!–Good luck


My DS was scared of fireworks but not so much the sound. He was afraid of them falling on his head so we had to watch them with him somewhere where his head was covered.


DD was scared of fireworks from the time I met her at age 4 until 6-7. She would even freak out when there was no noise, screaming and crying and shaking anticipating the bangs and boom from them. I don’t know what happened to her but she doesn’t care anymore, on May two four weekend she even fell asleep during them. Thank goodness she grew out of it but just a warning that she might still get upset just seeing them, I’d go the babysitter route.