Little Pooh Fan, Pooh Fan, and Family's Christmas Adventure


We’re back a day early from our 3rd Christmas with the Mouse!! We had alot of fun and got a few surprises-not really “dreams” but I considered them dreams.

My Mom (Pooh Fan)
My Dad
My Brother

[SIZE=“3”]Day 1: 12/20/07[/SIZE]
We left our house as soon as I got home from school at 11:40ish. My mom and brother had stayed home that day to finish getting everything ready and load up the car. We would first go to my dad’s work to pick him up then continue on our journey to Orlando. The ride was pretty uneventful but it felt like it lasted forever. We kept driving until around 5 in the morning when my dad decided he couldn’t drive anymore. We used reward points to get a hotel in Jacksonville, Florida.

Here are a couple pictures from our trip while I work on the rest of the trip report.


Day 2: 12/21/07
I believe we got up around 8ish but I could be wrong. We drove to Orlando and arrived at the Beach club at around 2:30. Me and my brother were given birthday badges since we were celebrating our birthdays during the trip. Our room was ready so we took all our bags to the room and got on a bus to Magic Kingdom. We got to the park around 3:30. When we got to Magic Kingdom we thought we would be able to get in at 3 like we had the last 2 years but they wouldn’t let the people using MVMCP tickets in until 4. When we got in we hurried to our 4:05 dinner reservations at LTT. The food was great as always and the characters were fun too.

After dinner we went over to Toontown to take some pictures and look around in the store. I bought a pink pair of mickey ears. Looking back, I wish I would have bough the child size because the adult size turned out to be way too big. After spending some time in Toontown we left to go to ride some other rides. I don’t remember what rides we rode but I know we rode all our favorites. The updated Haunted Mansion was great. We also took advantage of the free hot chocolate or apple juice and cookies or apple slices. I had my first Mickey Bar and got hooked. Everyday for the rest of the Disney portion of our trip I had to buy one.

Holiday Wishes was great as usual. We took a bus back to the hotel after MVMCP.

Tomorrow was our first full day in the parks. We would be going to MGM (Oops, I mean Disney Studios.:blush: )

Here are some pictures from Day 2.


Here are some pictures from dinner at LTT.


How fun! Can’t wait to read all about it! We’ll be going for our first ever Christmas trip to WDW next year!!!

By the way…your kids are adorable!!!


welcome home!! glad you had a great trip! great start to your trip report, can’t wait to hear more!


Waiting to hear about Christmas eve and day they are very special days.:sled: :tinytree: :snowman: :santa: :reindeer:


Day 3: 12/22/07
Today we went to MGM. When we had checked into the Beach Club they gave us birthday buttons to wear for the entire time we were at Disney. I decided that I would wear it the entire time but my brother didn’t and today was one of the days he really started wishing he would have. We got up early to go to MGM.

We rode TOT and RNRC over and over again. We got fast passes for TOT. We also went on Star Tours but other than that we really didn’t ride any other rides. When we could get fast passes again my mom had me go get fast passes for RNRC. When I went to go get fast passes the cast member by the fast pass machine said happy birthday and asked me how many people were in my group. I told him 4 so he gave me 4 fast passes to get on RNRC right then–by now the wait was around 60-70 minutes. I also got the fast passes for later in the day. So we got on RNRC.

I think we went to Pepper Market for lunch but I could be wrong.

When we got off my mom said she couldn’t remember what time our dinner reservations were for so she went to Guest Relations, my dad and brother looked at the giftshops and I went to get my daily Mickey Bar. The people at the stand thing saw my birthday button and gave me the Mickey Bar for free!!

It was then time to go to our dinner at Mama Melrose. When we got there our waiter gave us our Fantasmic ticket. It was for the 6:30 show although it was already 5:20. My mom told the waiter there was no way we could eat and get to the show in time so she gave us a ticket for the later show. I know for appetizers my dad had Calamari, my mom had the bread plate, and I had the salad. My brother decided to opt out. For our meals I had pepperoni pizza, my dad had Spaghetti Fra Diavolo, my mom had Chicken Parmigiana, and my brother had spaghetti (he wanted pizza but he is lactose intolerant). For desert my brother decided he wouldn’t have anything since he can’t have ice cream and he hates fruit-the waiter brought him rice dream ice cream or something but he didn’t like it, my mom had chocolate truffle cake, my dad had gelato, and I had the fruit cup.

We rode…you guessed it TOT and RNRC a couple more times. Then we went to line up for Fantasmic. It was running a little behind schedule but oh well. Fantasmic was great as usual. We got on a boat and went back to the hotel.

I will work on getting some pictures from Day 3 but we are about to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.


Love your report so far, very articulate! You and your brother are so cute!

Cant wait for more!



Day 4: 12/23/07
Today we went to Animal Kingdom. We had reservations for Donald’s Breakfast Safari in the morning but we missed them. We slept in and went to Animal Kingdom a little later. Me, my mom, and my brother went to ride EE while my dad went to ride Kilimanjaro Safari. My dad took the camera with him but the camera died within a couple pictures.We rode EE over and over with no wait.

Then we decided to see if we could go to breakfast even though it was past our reservation time. The meal was very good. I especially enjoyed the juice but I can’t remember what it was. I think it was something like jamba juice but I don’t know. After breakfast we went to Dinoland. We rode Primeval Whirl and Dinosaur. After this we rode Its Tough to be a Bug.

Then we decided to go back to the hotel to swim. Instead of swimming, I decided to take a nap. After swimming and napping it was time to get ready for dinner at Ohana. The food was great as usual, but there weren’t any hula lessons going on while we were eating. This is understandable since we had late reservations–around 7:30 or 8:00. I think we might have gone to MK extra magic hour but I am not sure.

Here are some pictures from Day 4. The Donald’s Breakfast Safari pictures are on a disposable camera so I will have to wait for my mom to get those developed.


Day 5: 12/24/07
Today was Christmas Eve. We decided that we would go to Epcot today since last year the crowds at Epcot weren’t too bad. We got up and decided to walk to Epcot. This put us at the World Showcase entrance to the park. Every year we say that we will drive to Epcot instead of walking the boat but every year we decide not to drive.

By the time we got to Test Track there was already a long wait. My dad ran over to Soarin to get fast passes since that line gets long fast. The rest of us stood in line-which was quite a ways out of the ride building. When it was time to go into the building my dad was still not back. My mom told me and my brother to go ahead and ride and she would meet us. So after that we went to Mission:Space and rode the more intense side. After that we walked around the World Showcase. We had lunch at the fish and chips place. By then my feet were really starting to hurt. My flip flops were not comfortable to walk that much in. My mom likes crocs so she said she would split the cost with me since she could wear them once we got home. While my dad and brother played around in Innoventions we went to “check the wait on rides” We came back and my dad didn’t even notice the new pair of crocs. He is bad at noticing things.

I think after this we went back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner but I could be wrong. That night we had dinner at Teppan Edo. This turned out to be one of our favorite meals. For our appetizers my mom and I had the shrimp cocktail and I don’t remember what my dad had. For our main meal my mom and I had Filet Mignon, my dad had the New York Strip Steak and my brother had Teriyaki Chicken. I don’t remember what anyone had for desert. It was a really good meal and we will definitely eat there again.

After dinner we rode more rides.


Vdery nice report. I am really enjoying it and your pictures. Tell mom hi for me.


Day 6: 12/25/07 Christmas Day!!
Today was our Disney Quest/Water Park Day. ON our previous trip we went to Magic Kingdom, but it was horrible. It was PACKED!! We decided to avoid the parks at all costs. We had breakfast reservations for Ohana. It was really good. It was family style just like dinner and we loved it.

After breakfast we went to Disney Quest. The weather was not nice enough for a water park. I believe it rained that day. We hung around Disney Quest most of the day. My brother was really happy because he was finally tall enough to do the design your own roller coaster. My mom and brother did this several times in a row while I drew Donald Duck and my dad did other misc. Disney Quest attractions. We bought a video of my mom and brother riding the first coaster my brother designed. I will see if I can figure out how to put it on my trip report.

That night, we had our bittersweet dinner at Chef Mickey’s. We had a very bad waiter. It took him 10 minutes just to take our drink orders and we were out of drinks most of our meal. Other than that the meal was good. Although this wasn’t the best meal we had this trip, we will probably go back trip since it is a tradition.

After dinner we went back to the room to pack up since we had to check out the next morning.

I will post pictures from Day 6 tomorrow. My friend that is gonna sleepover is here.


Great report so far! Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to hear more!


Nice report! I’m enjoying a TR from the perspective of the younger generation!! The photos are great, too. I hope you have more for us.


Smart move staying away from the mk on christmas morning. I can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip/.


Here are some pictures from breakfast at Ohana on Christmas Day. At the Polynesian we always enjoy looking at all the tiki statues and saying things like “Look its dad when he’s mad” or “Look it’s dad when he wants to buy something”. I included some of these pictures.


Here are some pictures from our bittersweet dinner at Chef Mickeys. This would turn out to not be our last meal at Disney.


Blame it on mom will you? You have to remind me. That was the most expensice disposable camera I have ever bought–$17. It was the cheap kind where you can get it for $5 or less at Walgreens. Oh well. At least we were able to take pictures at the Donald’s Breakfast Safari.


You forgot to mention that we also had our picture taken at the Image Works Photo Studio. I wanted to do it last year, but we did not get around to it. Since we left the parks in the afternoon for a swim and rest, we were able to freshen up which meant that the pictures turned out really good. It is one of the better pictures we have taken at Disney.


Where is the rest of the report??? The whole reason I agreed to let you write it is because you complain that I NEVER finish my reports. Who is the slacker now little girl??? I am sure that others would like to hear what happened between Christmas Day and New Years Day. SLACKER :smile: