Little trip to bush gardens 19-20 of this month


ok here is the scoop everyone i recently went to bush gardens and did a thread on a hotel.

the hotel i stayed in was not bad all though I did not get enough towels for everyone and their where three of us and the shower was bad to take no shower power what so ever oh well it was cheap so that did not really bug me too much.

Ok here is the bush gardens part over all i had alot of fun. worse part is friend was not feeling well sat and I ened up getting really bad rash from walking around park all day wet.

good part is that we ened up renting a wheel chair for sick on sat and me on sunday because i could barely walk rofl and so we ened up skipping lines and that was awesome because if it was not for that wheel chair we would have waited for half hour or more for alot of the rides.

It was very packed and hot.

so overall experience i give it a thumps up


Glad to see that you had a good time. Hope that everyone is feeling better.


yes we are feeling better thanks. And yes we had a good time overall thanks


We always enjoy a day at Bush Gardens. Loved the Rhino Rally! Glad you had fun despite rashes, etc. lol.