Live 365


Anyone here go to to listen to Disney music? Or any music? I frequent the website often while I’m at my computer to listen to theme park music. For the past week or so all I get is the dang ads. No music. :pinch: :pirate: Anyone else have issues? (Regarding live365, I mean :laugh: )


Every so often when I get in the mood, I listen to live365 Disney Channels. MouseWorldRadio is usually my favorite. I listen thru iTunes and usually don’t have any ad issues. Besides the every so often commercials.


MouseWorld Radio and Sorcerer Radio are my two faves. Can’t get either one lately! You listen through iTunes? I didn’t know it was an option. Same channels?


Yes…same channels. I go to, pick my channel and it automatically launches iTunes. I think I have a setting to make iTunes my default player.


Hmmm. I’ll work on that. Thanks. Right now I’m waiting for iTunes to finish all of its updates. Yikes. Guess I haven’t been to iTunes for a while. But I thought we had iTunes as our default player but maybe not. I’ll check!


good luck… I am stuck on PC here at work and I feel lucky when something actually goes my way. I prefer my Mac at home which always seems to cooperate.

Do you have a membership at live365? I just can’t see paying for it when there are plenty of free outlets for radio.


No, no membership here. I don’t think it’s worth the money, either.

So far, no luck. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I set the default to iTunes and I’m still stuck on the same ads in live365. I’ll keep workin’ on it.

Thanks for your support!


Is it playing in iTunes? Is it playing any music or just ads over and over?


No, it’s not playing in iTunes. And it’s just ads over and over. And I’m gettin’ annoyed!!


I’ve been listening to Live365 for a few years…got tired of the ads and found Subsonic Radio Disney Theme Park Audio and Music :: Subsonic Radio :: Home & I love it! No commercials and I can listen to the background music all day at work without any weird stares from co-workers, lol!



Adios Live365! :cool: This is exactly what I want/need!! I am so excited to have my Disney music back again. :mickey:

If I haven’t said it lately, I love MB and you MBers!!:wub:


I have just started listening to DIS radio last week at school. They play music from the different parks. Disney Music, Listen to Disney Music on DIS Radio


Ooooh. I just checked it out. That’s a good one, too! Thanks for sharing. Now I have two to choose from. :happy:


Subsonic radio is soooo cool for me and my family. We love listening to the different things they offer.


I get that through my TiVo and love it.


Honestly, I had no idea any of this was going on in the world! I will go explore it all today after the kids leave for school…

As for the live365, do the ads come up in a big clump one day, and then the rest of the time you get music?


About the live365, I’m not sure. For over a week I couldn’t get anything BUT ads. I’ve converted to subsonicradio. It rocks!! :happy:


I listen to live 365 at work and some days there are quite a few ads. I get some grief from the others girls and the doc about my “mickey music” but they can only hear it if they are right next to my desk. And I told then that my “mickey music” helps to keep me in my happy place so it is good :laugh:

I will have to give the subsonic a try today.



I am listening to subsonic right now, and it is soooo great! How can this be free???

Thanks so much everybody! It is so nice to have a soundtrack in the background of my day!

BDavis, yourock!!!

((Reflections Of Earth is playing now… next up is Illuminations pre-show!)) The music form the fireworks shows is so incredible! Some of the best in the parks, I think!


This is too cool. Thanks for the link I was able to get subsonic to play through itunes.