Live Entertainment on Boardwalk at night?!


Does anyone know if there is live entertainment every night at the Boardwalk? or is it just certain nights??? I see on the website they show some pictures of things going on at night on the boardwalk, but I can’t find anywhere listed if this is every night or just weekends, or…???
I was thinking of maybe going one night just to check it out and walk around, but I don’t want to go on a night that nothing is going on.
Thanks :wub:


I think it’s every night. We eat on the Boardwalk every trip, and we have always seen them.
If you want to know for sure, I would call BWBC, I would think they would know.


Every night there are stilts walkers, a magician and other things going on there. You’ll like it. It’s just like a Jersey boardwalk. Well, a whole lot smaller :laugh:

You can’t find any info because it’s what I would call atmosphere. Just like the streetmosphere in the parks :wink:


best bet from what i usually see is between 8-11


Yes we saw them when we were there in September. Really good fun, with audience participation (the magicians)


We have occasionally run into a few mid week nights during the slower months and in the event of bad weather that there was no entertainment on the BW. Call the BW resort front desk and they can let you know if anything is happening that night.