Live from the Beach Club


Hey everyone!! We’re here and everything is going great.

My DH had to turn in his grades for his summer classes today so we hooked up the lap top and I thought I would check in and let you know we’re here and having fun.

We’ve been so busy but we’re having fun. The crowds aren’t bad and the weather has been great. Last night it was about 80 with a beautiful breeze for Illuminations. This morning we were at MGM and now we’re getting ready to hit Stormalong Bay for the rest of the afternoon.

I met Tigger yesterday at Animal Kingdom.


Hey DT!
Tigger already spilled the beans and said you even took pictures!
Glad you’re having fun!


Glad you got there safe and are having a great time!!


Glad your having a great time! Can’t wait for your TR and some photos.

Stormalong Bay…aaaahhhhhhhh!:happy: :heart: :happy:


With a yummy adult drink–even better. We’re about to change and head down for a couple of hours and then head to Epcot for dinner.


We did meet and he’s so nice. I hope I look better in his picture than mine. We had just done Kali River and I was the one who got soaked–head to toe. When I got off water was running from my hair and I didn’t have a dry inch on me.


Thanks. We’re having a great time and I’ll share all the wonderful details when I get home.


I’ll do that for you Beth. I haven’t been around the resort with my camera yet, I’ll have to do that later. I’ve gotten pictures of our room but I haven’t been around the main resort area yet.


I’m glad to hear the crowds aren’t too bad. Hope there like that when were there shortly.

Stormalong Bay & a drink…double aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!:cool::heart: :cool:


The longest we’ve waited in line was 20 minutes for the Laugh Floor. We’ve used Fastpasses and walked on everything else we wanted to do. We’re big on hitting the parks early and getting so big rides done first thing so we don’t have to wait in lines.


I am ahppy to hear your having a great time at BC. We are waiting for photo’s and especially SB. We will be there for the first time in 29 days. Why don’t you stick around? :laugh:


WOW! Thats great news. We like to hit the parks early too. Sounds like we have the same strategy.

Does the Laugh Floor have a Fast Pass?


No, no FP for the Laugh Floor but the line seems to move pretty quickly. When the lines for Buzz, Space Mt, and Stictch were long Laugh Floor was still just 20 minutes. The theater seats a lot of people, it looks like if you are in line in the building you will get in the next show.


It’s always so much fun to hear directly from WDW!

Sounds like you’re having a terrific time! Can’t wait to hear all about it - but now - go - have fun!:happy:


We already met Art and did a little pin trading the other day. He is a gem.


Thanks! As soon as I can get Nate going we’re on our way.


Alright, glad to hear that the trip is a winner.


It’s been wonderful and we’ve only been here 5 days.


:blink: :blink: :blink: has it been that long already? I kinda thought you had left just the day before yesterday :blink: :blink:


Gosh! :eek: Its really dosen’t seem like it was that long…time really does fly!