Live from the Contemporary


That is right I am livin large…well kind of. I will have a full (but short) report when I return home.

I meet Disney Teacher today and I even got a picture of us!!

So what should I do for dinner? What should I do for lunch tomorrow? Can’t be in the parks…waiting?


If it was me, I would go get a bite to eat!


Can’t be in the parks? How about lunch at Earl of Sandwich? And perhaps dinner at the California Grill?


Sweet!!! I can hear the monorails breezing by…:slight_smile:

Lunch tomorrow? Earl of Sandwich!!!

Dinner tonight? hmmm…

You did say you aren’t going into the parks right?

Cali Grill?


Great minds limsy!:happy:


Hehe!! How funny!:happy:


oh, gotta agree, Earl sounds yummy! how about boma? California Grill sounds good to me! Raglan Road actually is sounding good!


Can’t wait to hear about your trip. How about Rainforest Cafe or somewhere DTD.


Party On Tigger!!


You are soooo lucky, the Contemporary!!! Have fun.


Have fun Tigger!
Can’t wait to see the picture of you two…You know that you HAVE to post it, don’t you?


Hey there tigger!!! You got to meet steph? AWESOME! I have always wanted to. If you see her again, give her a big ol hug for me. Can’t wait for your full report.


Hey Tigger, it was great to meet you. I wish we could have chatted longer but it was nice to finally meet you and put a face with the name.


And now…the old familiar question Did you take photos?


Yep, there are pictures.


I just love the Contemporary Resort. I stayed there many years ago and wouldn’t mind staying there again; although we always make a pitstop at Chef Mickey’s during every trip.

How is the weather and how are the crowds??:confused:

Have a MAGICAL time!!:blush:


Tigger, my good man!.. post the pics (with Steph’s permission of course!!!) Glad you’re having fun!


DT is it ok if I post the picture?

TR report coming in 10, 9, 8…


ooh - trip report -hurray!!


I am already wayyyyy past 0 and there is still no trip report. What gives Mr. Tigger?:blink: