Live from the Wilderness Lodge / Poly


We arrived at Walt Disney world around Noon on Saturday, Dec 6. We checked in at the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge around noon. Room was ready shortly before 4pm. Got a 1-BR on the 5th floor on the lake side. We’ll be here for 10 nights and then move over to the Poly for 2 nights before we head back home.

We’re doing MVMCP on Tuesday night as well as La Nouba on Friday night, and we’re dining at Victoria & Alberts. We’ll also be dining at The Wave, Citricos, Artist Point, Liberty Tree Tavern, Whispering Canyon Cafe, California Grill, Kona Cafe, Yachtsman Steakhouse, Narcoossee’s, Ohana, and doing the Spirit of Aloha Luau.

We ate at The Wave last night, and were pleasantly surprised. The decor was nice and the food was interesting, as well as pretty good. I think we’ll go back.

Here’s a look at the new Bay Lake Tower DVC resort from the marina at the WL:


I am thrilled to follow along! Have a great trip and keep the TR coming!


Pretty! I love the decorations!


Great photos! I will be there soon and your pics are just making it even more exciting!!!:goofybounce:

I can’t wait to hear about your dining reviews and hope to see some pics too. Looks like your going to some of the same places we are.

I love live TRs!!!:happy:

BTW, whats the temp? I don’t see anyone in the pool.:blink:


Awesome pics, have a great time Mike! If you haven’t already been to the Wave, you’ll LOVE IT!


Great pictures… I am somewhat hesitant about staying at the Wilderness Lodge. i am not a nature person. I know that it is probably very clean and all but I am not a “nature” person. What are the pros and cons to staying there? Are there good restaurants there? Like, now that I think about it, I know nothing about that resort hmmmmm…


I think you’re confusing the Fort Wilderness Campground with the WL? They are next to eachother, but two completely different places. WL happens to have Artist POint, a wonderful restaurant.

As always, great photos, Mike!!


Great Pics! I’m very excited that you are “bringing” us along on your trip!


Beautiful pictures! I can’t wait to stay at the WL someday.


Great pics Mike. Looking foward to reading some more. Have a great time


Goreous pix!! Can’t wait for more updates! :mickey:


By the looks of how that lifeguard is bundled up, is it chilly up there? WPB has been having warm weather again!!

Please fill us in on crowds and weather if you can . . . we arrive on the 20th! :happy:

Thanks! :wub:


Thanks for the beautiful pictures, I love them. You have some wonderful restaurants planned, I can’t wait to read your reviews.


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;911429]By the looks of how that lifeguard is bundled up, is it chilly up there? WPB has been having warm weather again!!

Please fill us in on crowds and weather if you can . . . we arrive on the 20th! :happy:

Thanks! :wub:[/QUOTE]

It was cool on Sunday (around 67 and breezy). It supposed to be around 70 today, with a slight warming trend. There isn’t a cloud in the sky right now. Crowds aren’t bad at all.

Last night, we went over to the Grand Floridian and had dinner at Citricos. We haven’t been there since May 2007 and I’m glad we went back. The meal was great. I had the swordfish and it was fantastic.


Yeah, Live TR! Have a great trip and keep us posted.


:laugh:hey!. Those pics are great!. yeah real great oh and i am going there in May and it’s close to my birthday. oh and my name is sierra.

this message was brought to you by my lovely daughter who I think needs her own acount here on MouseBuzz. She loves these pics of WL and wanted to comment on them.


Great pics! I hope you have a great time.


Your pictures and live report are getting me even more excited than I already am. We will be there FRIDAY!! Glad to hear the weather is warming up - the picture of the lifeguard had me re-thinking my packing list! Can’t wait to read more.


LIVE TR… how exciting.


Me too. It will be WARMER than either VA or NJ, that I can promise you. :laugh:

Those silly FL lifeguards. They think any temp below 90 there is a chance of snow. When I was there last Oct, it was hot enough that I bought another swimsuit. There were lifeguards in windbreakers and warm up pants then.