Live from WDW


Ok, after a bumpy start to our trip things have been going great the last couple of days. We closed down EMH at Magic Kingdom last night and we’re spending today relaxing by the pool. We’re thinking about going to Downtown Disney tonight for a little Earl of Sandwich and some Disney Quest.


I love Sunday Night EMH at MK - its my favorite


…I’m so glad that you are having a good time…just don’t even think about the bumpy start anymore!!!.. :laugh:


No worries there, everything was made more than right by the manager at Beach Club. I just laughed and kept saying having two rooms is better than no room.


There’s just something about being inMK at one in the morning when the park is empty.



EMH is one of the things that makes staying at a Disney resort extra special.



EoS!:wub: Have an Original for me!


Sounds like you’re having a great time!


Have a great rest of your vacation


Yay Steph! Enjoy that Beef N Bleu!


So true. We love walking down Main Street after everyone else has left.


glad to see you are having a good time…


Mike, Nate, and our extra child just left to play golf and I’m off to meet a friend at Kona for breakfast. I’m looking forward to a relaxing morning.


What extra child? I’m completely lost.


She’s out collecting strays in the park again!


Oh, I guess I didn’t mention Nate brought a friend. We’ve never done that before but it’s been fine.


Well with floods and school until the last possible second, I can see how that might have been overlooked.


Hello, Steph!! Glad you made it safe and sound and your bumpy start got forgotten by a EMH night at the MK! Have a magical time.


It’s new to us and I wasn’t sure how it would go but it’s been okay so far. She (yep, the extra child is a girl) has been good and we haven’t had any issues. She and Nate are like brother and sister (and act very much like brother and sister) and we’ve known her since the day she was born. I wasn’t willing to risk my vacation with an random friend so asking her to come was my idea.


It’s been good since we got settled in a room. The weather isn’t looking so good for tomorrow but it’s Florida in the summer so some rain is to be expected. However, we have gotten pretty lucky and have have grea weather up to this point.