Living at WDW


Hey everybody,
I just wanted to write, because the excitement is kinda killing me. My brother and i are gonna be spending our summer working at wdw. we go down the end of may and im so excited. Vacation at wdw always seems too short, and while I am prepared for hard work, I am also just looking forward to being down there with my bro. Good times, good times. Im gonna try to regularly update this summer, with pictures, etc. so we shall see…but isnt it cool? Should be a great summer =) :mickey:


I think I"m really jealous… granted I’m close enough to go anytime really. Have a great time!


Congrats! DW and I lived in California last year for the summer, and we both worked at Disneyland. We absoultely LOVED it, even when we had to sleep out of a tent…and then our car. :smile:

You’ll have a great time, I’m sure of it!


Josh, that is AWESOME! I am soooo excited for you and your brother! I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences…do you have any particular job you would most like to get? Or do you already have jobs waiting for you?


Wow - that sounds like you should have a great time. Keep us updated.


That sounds awesome! I think working at WDW spreading the magic would be the perfect job. Do you know where you are going to be working?


Can you share any details? Where are you living? Do you have to find your own housing? How do you find a place for only 4 or 5 months? When did you find out you were going? Sorry for all the questions, but think of it as a pre-trip report.


Yeah, I’m with jo-jo - we want to hear MORE!!!


Yeah, I’m with jo-jo - we want to hear MORE!!!


Congrats! That will be great. I’d like to hear more details, too!


We need to know where you’re working so we can stop and say hello when we’re there!


I would like to add to what Erin has said…

Yeah, I’m with jo-jo - we want to hear MORE!!!



Hey! You bounced my hiccups! ROFL!


Lol, sounds like you guys think its a good idea then, eh? :flowers:
Well, the biggest challenge has been working out the living situation. Luckily, I have family close to orlando, and my aunt has been able to go to orlando to check on stuff for us, and give us the thumbs up or thumbs down. Some apartments will lease short term, but alot wont. So my aunt had this awesome idea to sublease from local college students, who usually go home for the summer. Since my brother and I are both in college, its gonna work perfectly, and we’ve already found a room at UCF. while its not as close as i’d like to be, it comes furnished, its cheap, its short term, and its safe.
I went down to wdw for spring break, and my girlfriend and I were planning a day just to walk around downtown disney and stuff, but i heard that disney was actually having a job fair at the casting place that day! So we went across the street, and my girlfriend actually took a nap in the car :flowers: while i went in and looked around. There were lines everywhere with people applying. Now, for those of you who dont know, disney has this rule where you cant apply for a job more than 2 weeks in advance, which makes planning really hard! But I decided to wait in line and see what happened…So i finally get ushered to this room where there are about a hundred or so people all filling out applications, but i was just so excited to be there. Then we had to watch a short “working at wdw” video, which was pretty cool. Then I just had to wait for my name to be called. About an hour later I was called, and I followed the woman down the hall to her office. I told her about my plans for the summer, and I told her how Ive always loved wdw. I told her that the day before we had gone to the MK, and she quickly said, “what did you ride first?” and i told her Peter Pan, and she said, “well describe that whole ride for me, pretending Ive never been on it before.” It was a fun interview. After that, she said, “A normal attractions job pays minimum wage, but you can make more doing food service” so I had her put me down for food service. Its not my first choice for a job, but it pays more, and I figured there would be more of a chance of an opening, since there are just so many food service positions at wdw. She gave me her card, and she told me to call her when its 2 weeks before im ready to come. So i think the day was worth it, because I now at least have some sort of contact. To be honest, i dont care where I work. Im looking forward to being there, and spending my freetime using the free passes! My brother really wants an attractions position. He’s a musician, and will hopefully make contacts this summer for a more permanent entertainment position once he graduates. Right now Im having trouble staying focused on school, because the summer is looking so good!


You’re going to have a great time:mickey:


Thumbs up to your aunt who thought of the leasing from college kids. Something I wouldn’t have thought of. Good luck and keep reports coming in.


That is so cool!!! I hope it’s everything you want it to be!


That is awesome… Good luck and have a great time


This sounds great, I hope you come back here and keep us posted over the summer.


What a cool summer. I am so envious! You are going to have a great time. I look forward to updates and pictures. Good luck,. :flowers: