Living Seas diving chamber viewing area


I spotted a pic of a viewing area in front of the Living Seas diving chamber, where a group of guests watch a diver in action on their way to the main aquarium tank. I never knew guests could get THAT close to the diving chamber. Where in The Living Seas is this viewing area. It appears to be somewhere on the second floor, since the entrance to the diving chamber is not here, and the chamber appears to end at the ceiling, as seen in the photo linked below:

However, in another pic of The Living Seas diving chamber, there appears to be no second floor viewing area almost next to the diving chamber, as seen in another pic in the next link, as the diving chamber seems to go seamlessly to the ceiling:

Could someone please clear me up about this? In case you wonder why I’m asking, I didn’t get to go to The Living Seas on my trip last November, since the pavillion was closed for a major renovation then. :confused:


I am not sure, but I know that the living Seas pavillion was remodeled and when I was in Disney this past year, we saw the first picture and there was a second floor, i think the second picture is a old pic. I am sure someone else will come along that knows for sure!


Yes it was that way but I have not seen it since the changes.


Unfortunately, it was closed when I was there last year too, and my DH was diving (the divequest tour). There is a second floor to enter the water. The divers swim all over the tank, basically they have free reign. They only tell you not to touch the animals, and not to follow the big sea turtle, and to stay out of the sharks way! They encourage the divers to interact with the visitors on the outside in the exhibit and in the Coral Reef restaurant. We found out after I had already left the park with DD that security would have let me and DD in to watch my husband dive, even though it was closed. Oh well. He already booked his next dive for December. If you want to ask any other questions, let me know, I’ll have my husband answer them.