Living Seas / Nemo Conversion phase 3?


Well, the Land pavilion and Soarin’ are nearly complete. The second phase of the Nemo conversion is done and although I’ve yet to see it I still hear that Dory is being tested in Turtle Talk with Crush.

At any rate, this sets the time frame for the final Nemo Conversion to happen any time now. This is where the Intro Movie, maybe the Queue and the SeaCabs are suppose to be involved. Over at WDWMagic I have read several reports that the SeaCabs have new nemo Overlays and are being tested right now. This is very promising and goes right along with everything I have heard and read for the past two years now.

So, let’s cross our fingers and make a big wish. Throw in some pixie dust and maybe, just maybe the SeaCabs will return with possibly a better interactive experience than ever before.


I don’t remeber ever seeing the seacabs. Can someone describe them to me? Thanx


Do you think all will be complete for the celebration?? We’ll be arriving 5/10?


Well, this sounds promising. Turtle Talk is so great - and Dory will be a great addition to it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but are the “seacabs” the train that used to take you through the acquariums? (I thought they were the best part of the whole ride).


The Land opens this month. The other Nemo additions went in quietly, so they may go right ahead and do this too but I seem to remember the final conversion may close down the pavilion temporarily. I just know that people are saying they have seen the Seacabs and they do have Nemo overlays on them now. I don’t think it will be completed in a month though.

Here’s a picture from Intercot of the old Seacabs:


Hmmm…looks like the seacabs were the best part of the attraction. Why did they shut them down? Was there a safety issue? Did someone take a dive?

I am not a big fish fan, besides eating them, so I was pretty disappointed in the Living Seas attraction. Maybe the new additions will spark my interest again.

BTW…In this picture, it looks like Tinkerbell’s hubby is riding in the first car. The guy with the big white hat. :smile:


Only reason I can figure they closed them was because they were too short and all you did was see the same fish you view once inside the Pavilion. In other words, it didn’t add much and it cost alot to run. No way people could take a dive. :laugh: The ride is similar to the Haunted Mansion only it was on a flat surface the whole time.

I don’t want to say what I have heard about the new SeaCabs in case it’s not true, but if it is… then the ride will be greatly enhanced.

The Pavilion was falling apart and not getting the guests like it once did, so the Omnimovers were being greatly under-utilized as well, so naturally when all the cost cutting stuff went into effect several years back this was one of the first choices. I think the phasing in of Nemo was to see if capacity could be raised at Living Seas again (which it has) and then work in a massive people moving ride again once the numbers were back up.

That’s just my thoughts anyway.


:ohmy: :blink: I don’t remember them at all!!! Where were they? I hope they do have them in May, that would be great.


I’m trying to remember whether you rode in them before, or after you went down in the elevator (or whatever they call it) and I can’t. I’m sure Spider knows. It was a nice little trip with all the acquariums around you. But then, I’m amused by anything you can ride in. I was disappointed when they were discontinued and didn’t go back to the pavillion until this January, when the Nemo stuff came in. Turtle Talk with Crush is absolutely one of the best new attractions at WDW. It’s so entertaining and funny. Little kids just love it. (So do adults) :rolleyes:


The Unofficial Guide says they were pretty boring and redundant to the walk-thru part of LS. Same complaint with the boat rides AK before they were closed down.


Based on Story, the Hydrolators take you deep underwater, then you are traveling underwater to SeaBase Alpha, so… you rode the Hydrolators first. Then you boarded the SeaCabs where you were whisked away to SeaBase Alpha.


According to Intercot, the SeaCabs were suppose to be twice as long and simulate riding in a bubble. Check this out:

[I]"THE SEAS (Opening 1983). Visitors to The Seas pavilion will explore the wonders of the aquatic frontier through two major presentations. First, “The World of the Sea,” a ride-thru experience presenting various ocean environments; and second, “Sea Base Alpha,” a futuristic undersea research station complete with a 5,000,000-gallon tank supporting a living coral reef community.

In “The World of the Sea,” bubble-like vehicles will transport guests through a series of scenes depicting the visual drama of ocean kelp forests, abyssal canyons and other marvelous and mysterious ocean environments.

Guests will discover the complex interrelations of the physical and biological systems of the seas. They’ll also become aware of the finite nature of the oceans’ resources, and the vital need to coordinate human endeavors in ways that will ensure the stability of essential marine ecosystems.

Arriving at “Sea Base Alpha,” guests will disembark from their vehicles to explore a myriad of exhibits and participatory demonstrations. Observation modules within the huge tank will provide “aquanauts” with undersea windows onto the living coral reef community."[/I]

Apparently over half of the ride was cut to add the opening movie.


Ah, yes, now I remember.

They were definitely NOT as redundant and boring as the boats at AK. Those were MINDBLOWINGLY boring - with no purpose whatsoever. Which is a shame, because they could have had some potential if they had put some thought into creating a story or something behind them.


They were suppose to… :nonono2: Budget got cut BIG TIME on the AK Boat Ride. Without Animatronics, effects, and story, it was the longest possbile way to get from Dinoland’s Entrance to Asia’s Entrance basically. :ninja:


Am I the only one who liked the seacabs at LS? I liked riding through the aquarium! I was disappointed when they closed. I hope the rumor is true and they are coming back!


I haven’t really said one way or the other, but personally I loved them. I hope they return as well.


Wow!! They cut that to add to the movie - which is probably one of the most boring movies in Epcot existence??? Too bad. (BTW, jodilt, I loved the sea cabs. :wink: )


Well we here at WDW have begun our countdown to the Happiest Celebration. 26 days to be exact. So many renovations are trying to get done before May 5th. I noticed the other day while walking around Epcot that Turtle Talk was closed. Maybe for the “Dory testing” I honestly don’t know. That attraction is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen and heard in my life, and I dare say if they make any more additions to it it’ll be not only the highest rated attraction at Epcot, but on it’s way to becoming the highest in WDW!!!


That’s what bugs me the most… the timing seems wrong for the celebration, but right based on what I have heard up to this point. Oh well, we will find out when, AND IF… it happens. :blink: Although, so far I have broke the news on Nemo at Seas here at DC before anything ever started and so far my sources have been correct… it’s just the timing that’s fuzzy. Phase One happened fast, Phase two… slower. This is also the same source that first said Pooh would settle on 20,000 Leagues Lagoon, Soarin’ would come to EPCOT as a direct clone, and the Body Pavilion would become seasonal. The track record is pretty good so far. Maybe they can redirect traffic through the Living Seas while they finish. Most people here don’t even realize there is a ride even though they walk by the old load area (covered up of course). I’m sure the movie would not be missed greatly, now if the Queue was changed, that could cause a problem.


I hope they put cushioning in seacabs. Those were the most uncomfortable seats of any ride in the park.