Living Seas Ride?


Years ago I remember going on a little train-like ride through the living seas. I wasn’t able to visit WDW for several years and when I returned in 2003 I didn’t see the ride anymore. My mother just called me and said she was reading about this ride in a 2006 disney book. Did it return? Or did it never go away? I thought it was gone and am very confused!!!


They are redoing it now. It did go away.:smile:


Thank you so much R2G!!! I’m glad that I’m not crazy!! Do you by any chance know when it’s supposed to reopen and when it closed? Thanks again for the help!


Part of it is open Now…I don’t know when the ride is to be finished:smile:


Some Info I found:smile:
2006 - The Living Seas / Nemo Ride -

(11/30/05) Epcot has reopened The Living Seas attraction, as as rumored the Hydrolators have been removed and all guests enter and exit through the old exit area. The original entrance area and old Sea Cabs ride area is still blocked off by construction walls, as we wait for Phase II of the project to open in 2006. Meanwhile the rest of SeaBase (Alpha has been dropped from the name) has been rehabbed, repainted, and spit-shined though nothing major seems have been been changed from before to the attractions.

(11/4/05) Disney has updated their schedules and the reopening of The Living Seas has been pushed back at least under December 1st, though no schedules are available for December right now to know for sure.

(10/25/05) If the latest rumors we’ve heard claim that when The Living Seas reopen, it could be an entirely different attraction all together. First off your path through the attraction itself may be reversed now, allowing guests to enter through the exit and removing the Hydrolators. With this change, also comes a new overall theme that may replace the whole SeaBase Alpha concept inside. The SeaCabs will return in a new form, with the track rumored have been extended into where the old pre-show rooms used to be, and it will dump the riders out through the old pavilion entrance area. More on this as we find out.

(7/22/05) Inside sources have confirmed that the entire The Living Seas pavilion (including Turtle Talk) will close down for rehab starting August 21st until late November. Sounds like the rumored rebirth of the Sea Cabs is nearly confirmed.

(6/27/05) The latest rumor about the new Nemo themed ride at The Living Seas comes from where they’ve been trying to dig up information about the Nemo themed dark ride in development for Walt Disney Studios Paris. While the two rides will be different, they claim that many of the special effects planned for the Paris attraction will be built and tested out for the Living Seas attraction first. This may include several “wet-for-dry” effects scenes and some kind of special effect to take guests on a ride through the bubble filled East Australian Current.[/I]


Thank you so much for all your help R2G!!!


You are Welcome :smile:


I really hope that they bring the ride back!!!


When I was there in Dec 2005 the main entrance was closed and you had to enter through what used to be the exit. The hydrolaters were completely gone, so when you went in through the exit doors you could see right into “Seabase Alpha,” so you could see that the old hydrolaters were nothing more than a barrier and not real elevators (for those of you who may not have known this fact). At the exit is now (per the WDW norm) giftshop with Nemo/Living Seas related merch. I got a really cool magnet that had all the Nemo fish on it and it says “I found Nemo at the Living Seas.” Turtle Talk with Crush was open and it is AWESOME!!! We laughed so much and so hard…it was great. As far as the new Nemo themed ride portion of LS, I haven’t heard when that will actually open…