Living With The Land refurb?


According to, Living with the Land has closed abrubtly for a refurbishment. Can anyone confirm this? It’s by no means a major attraction, but we LOVE it. We take off for the World in 4 weeks and would hate for it to be closed.

I’m finally getting over SM being closed…I think? :glare:


I haven’t heard anything about it, but I bet Jen (mickeysgirlz) will know about it!


It looked ready for a refurb in November last year… the last few spaces we floated through were just filled with screens that changed to different aspects of life on land. Wasn’t anything special. Maybe they’re putting something interesting in there…?


It was closed yesterday when we were there. A CM told us it closed in the last week and she had no idea how long it would be closed.


We are having dinner in the Garden Grill. I wounder if that will change?


That’s so odd. I rode it 3 days ago!


I’m pretty sure it was open Saturday when we were in Epcot but when we were there Sunday it was closed. A CM told us it was closed but she didn’t know when it closed since she had been off for several days. All I know for sure was that it was dark and closed Sunday.


I doubt it would change that but you could call and see.


According to another site, its set to re-open Nov 2009.


that explains it.


What a bummer. I really enjoy this attraction.


We love LWTL, but parts of it do need to be refurbished - especially where they keep the fish - I feel sort of sorry for them in those tanks. Hopefully that’s one of the parts they’re going to improve.


We will wing it.


So any predictions on how this might effect lines for Soarin’? The lines are usually pretty long anyway, and do you think this will make them longer since there won’t be another ride open in The Land to buffer the crowds? We leave on Friday!


I don’t think it will make much difference at all in terms of added riders on Soarin’. I’ve often seen Living with the Land with a 5 minute queue, which is pretty much walk on while at the same time Soarin’ was 70 minutes and more.


:laugh::laugh: See you don’t need me! :laugh::laugh:

But here’s a link (November 1)

Refurb Report: Living with the Land Closed Until November 1 :


This is a good question. I always crack up at the line for The Land in the early am hours. Most people get their fastpasses for Soarin’ and then hop right on The Land line, in the am that line can be 25-30 minutes. BUT, if you go in the afternoon . . . it’s 5 minutes TOPS!! We always use our Soarin’ FP and then go on The Land . . . my DDs love this ride. :happy:

#18 just confirmed it!

Rehabs and Closings Schedule at Disney World

August 2009

Magic Kingdom

Space Mountain will be closed from April 19, 2009 until November 21, 2009 for refurbishment.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority will be closed from April 19 through August 24, 2009.


Living with the Land in Epcot's Land pavilion is closed through November 1, 2009, for refurbishment.

Boardwalk Inn Resort

In July and August, Spoodles on the Boardwalk will undergo some minor kitchen renovations in anticipation of its conversion to Cat Cora's new restaurant, Kouzzina , which is due to open later this fall:

-- July 1 through mid-August: Spoodles breakfast will not be offered. During this time, breakfast will be served daily at Flying Fish Cafe, 7:30 – 11 a.m.
-- July 6 through August 1: A buffet dinner menu will be served at Spoodles. A la carte offerings will NOT be available at this time.
-- August 2 through mid-August: The restaurant will be closed completely for dinner. For advanced reservations during the closure, try Captain's Grille at Disney's Yacht Club Resort or Flying Fish Cafe. Same-day walk-up dining also might be accommodated at ESPN Club or Big River Grille & Brewing Works.

All dates are subject to change. The official grand opening date of Kouzzina has been set for September 17. Reservations for Kouzzina may be booked now. Call 407-WDW-DINE or book online [Disney World Dining and Reservations | Walt Disney World Resort](

Contemporary Resort

Construction Update: Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort will open on August 4, 2009. The Wave restaurant is open on the first floor and the Contempo Cafe opened on the 4th floor. The Outer Rim has reopened. The Tennis Courts and Playground at the Contemporary, which are currently closed, are scheduled to reopen on September 1, 2009.

Sand Trap Bar & Grill located at Disney’s Osprey Ridge Golf will be closed August 9-10, 2009, for a special event. Sand Trap Bar & Grill will also be closed August 17 through August 23 due to the closure of the golf course for aerification.

Starabilias at Downtown Disney West Side has closed. There is no word on what, if anything, will replace the store, which featured movie and music memorabilia.


More info! I :heart: that WDW is updating!

In an effort to revive old attractions at the Walt Disney World Resorts, attractions are closing one by one for refurbishment. The latest attraction on Disney’s refurbishment hit list is Living with the Land, which is located in the Land Pavilion at Epcot. The slow moving boat ride through Epcot’s green house has been closed since Aug. 2 and is scheduled to reopen Nov. 1.

Disney has not fully released the details involving the refurbishment, but some details have been leaked out. It has been mentioned that the ride will be getting new boats that will be bigger than the current ones to carry more guests. It is not known if the river will be expanded due to the larger boats, but they may need to be. There will also be new video sequences in the barn section of the ride, just before entering the green house. The queue is also being improved to enhance the guest flow in the waiting area.

There is still no mention as to whether the Behind the Seeds tour at the Land Pavilion will be affected by the refurbishment. Tours are still going on as scheduled.

Other attractions at Walt Disney World also currently undergoing refurbishment projects include:
· Liberty Square Riverboat at Magic Kingdom– Sept. 13 – Sept. 19
· Donald’s Boat at Magic Kingdom’s Toon Town Fair – Sept. 7 – Sept. 13
· Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom – April 19 – Nov. 21
· Tomorrowland Transit Authority at Magic Kingdom – April 19 – Aug. 24

For more information about Walt Disney World visit Walt Disney World Resort or call 407.WDW.INFO.


What a BUMMER.