Living with the Land


Heard a rumor that they are going to change the dialogue and that there might not be a cast member on board any more. Heard this on DisneyPod.


So, what exactly would it be like? A boat ride with a recorded voice?? HAve you found anymore info on it??


Not much I heard this on Mousetoons. They discuss all kinds of Disney rumors.They did say something about September.


i don’t like the recording in the Living with the land. I love the castmember in the Living with the land.:mickey:


I don’t like the recording in Living with the Land either, because sometimes at the beginning of the day you get a CM who partied wayyyy too much the night before. :laugh:


I went on it yesterday and their was still a person narrating


i like the interaction that the cm’s have with guests on the rides, especially if there is something happening out of the ordinary they point it out.


The CM interaction also comes in handy if/when the ride breaks down. So much better talking with a real person rather than listening to the same recording over and over!


I agree …with above … The CM interaction also comes in handy if/when the ride breaks down. of course I have never been on Living with the Land and had it break down… but still CM’s are mostly fun :slight_smile: and better then just a recording.


I went on LWTL on the 4th of July and straight out asked one of the CM’s at the attraction if the rumor is true,and he said yes.


That stinks. Of course, it’s probably a money saving thing.


Ditto Cavey. If this is true then it most certainly does stink. The CM interaction is key and I would miss that on this attraction.


Oh no! What if the ship veers off course??? Who will man the lifeboats? Who will call the coast guard?

Just kidding… I think the recording might be nice if they get someone good to do it.


Awww! I like the CM interaction, especially when you get really witty and funny CMs giving you the tour! Im not a fan of recordings, it bores me if it goes on for too long and it’s always in a ridiculosly monotone voice!


So what is next a self guided Jungle Cruise?


I’d much rather have the cast member as well, it was a nice change from the recordings that you normally have on rides.


really :confused: I remember the year VSTFY was allowed to sit in that little seat where the CM sets during part of the ride and got to be an honorary boat capt … guess they will take that seat out. and who are you gonna ask questions?? like “does this boat go to Soaring?”


how about a recording for the kilimangaro safari also? where does the madness end???


I wonder if they will continue the behind the scenes tour? It may be worth the $12 if they do.


i will see the new living with the land in Epcot.:mickey: