Liz at Blue Zoo rocks!


Thank you CM Liz for all your help… gee, I hope you are reading this!


Hmmmm…why so cryptic? Out with it, what did she do?


Good service, what else?


oh blah, of course good service. I wanna know what she did :laugh:


She was gracious enough to sort out a PS problem that I created. She went above and beyond the call of duty to fix my mistake and she did it in a really friendly way. She could easily have said there was no way to fix my ressie, but she just cheerfully fixed it instead. It is an important ressie and I really was in a pickle. Or should I say “in a perfectly seared scallop?” :wink:


oh good. Glad she did everything possible. mmmmm…seared scallops…I cannot wait to read the food report on that one. The only other report for the Blue Zoo came from Franco a looooong time ago.


I couldn’t even remember where BlueZoo is!


Shwolphin :biggrin:


We dined at Blue Zoo in 2008 and had wonderful service.


New Year’s Day 2007, all was fine.