Llama I have a question for you


You stated in another post that you like the Marriott Grand Vista! Do you think that 2 ten year old boys would like it?


Absolutely! It’s a great resort - several pools, lots of sports facilities, game room, beautiful grounds, etc., Pizza Hut, daily kids’ activities. We’ve never had a bad stay there. The staff is really attentive. I’m a resort snob and I can’t think of one thing to complain about. The suites are definitely “Disney Deluxe” quality.


Thank you! How about the Marriott Harbor Lake?


I think we’ve stayed in just about every Marriott property in Orlando and Grande Vista and Harbor Lake are my two favourites. It’s been a couple of years since we stayed there - but I think the two resorts are just about on par.


Thanks! The boys are so excited about going on the Dream but the adults afterwards do not want to stay in Disney, they all say that because I love Disney doesn’t mean that they love it. So it’s on to something new for this trip only! Thank you


You’re welcome! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the resort!:happy:


I have stayed at the JW Marriott Grand Lakes (I think it’s called) and it was really nice…I was with a friend who was there for a business meeting along with her 4 year old. They have a great pool and lazy river there—and you can check out equipment.

Sometimes these Marriotts confuse me with their name, so it may be one of the two llama recommended. I agree with her though—I have never really ever been disappointed with a Marriott.

I think most of them are easy access to get to WDW, Universal etc…:happy: