LMM Enjoys Torturing her BF Mini-TR


Okay, so I still haven’t finished my global warming TR, but I’m getting to it… I wanted to get more videos done, but then I’ve been slacking on the videos. I’m just being lazy. I will finish it, though! It’s almost done!!!

So anyway, the story goes…

Today, I tortured my boyfriend.

Last week, I was at his house when I saw an advertisement for Mickey’s Rockin’ Roadshow at the Bilo Center. DISNEY IS COMING TO TOWN!!! Tickets started at just $16. What a bargain!

So, I asked dear Max if he would like to go with me, and surprisingly… he said yes!!! So yesterday, I went online to buy our tix. Cheap seats were all I wanted. It’s a good thing, too. Because TICKETMASTER IS A RIP-OFF. My goodness, they make me angry!!! So, for each ticket, I had a $4.75 “convenience fee.” Then, there was a $3.16 “processing fee.” And then… if I wanted to use my own ink and paper and print out my own tickets, I’d have to pay another $3!!! That being said, I decided on Will Call. (I paid for all of this myself because I felt bad about dragging Max to this.)

Well, after purchasing the tickets, I got all excited and was hoping there was a meet-and-greet so I could get my picture with Mickey and the gang. That’s when I decided to read reviews. There was no meet-and-greet. And I stumbled across a bunch of negative reviews saying that their 3-year-olds cried and begged to go home because it was so boring. Oh, no!!! 3-year-olds??? I was expecting kids a little older… like 8 years old!

So, I had to spend $5 for parking (I drove around a while to find the best deal… I could have paid $10).

Well, when I got to the ticket booth to pick up my tickets, the lady asked to see my bank card and a photo ID. Bank card? I handed her my driver’s license and told her that I knew the credit card number. “Oh, you don’t have the card?” “No, ma’am.” “Who is Boyd?” She looks back at Max, as if she thinks he is Boyd. “My dad.” “What’s his address?” I rattle it off. “Phone number?” “Cell or home?” “Yes.” :huh: I rattle off every phone number I know. One of them must’ve worked. :laugh: “Well, I’m not supposed to do this. Tell your dad that next time, he needs to be here to pick up the tickets.” Okay, the next time I drag Max to a baby kid’s show, I’ll be sure to bring my dad with me so that he can show you his Visa. (Actually, if I ever do this, again, I’ll be sure to just buy my tickets there so I can avoid the Ticketmaster fees.)

So, I asked Max if we should sell the tickets. I was going to. But Max said no, I just paid $5 for parking and almost $15 on Ticketmaster fees that I wouldn’t get back, so we went on in. The lady checking bags liked my Disney Dooney purse!

I was going to make Max buy me a keychain but they didn’t have any. The merchandise was actually rather lame and cheap-looking. I was surprised. And the photo station was miniature. They had little kids sit on a stool in front of a cardboard Mickey Mouse (Max really wanted to get his picture taken :laugh: but the line was too long). LAME!!! They could’ve had the characters out signing autographs and taking photos that parents might actually buy. They could make soooooo much more money selling autograph books and character photos. It surprises me that Disney didn’t think of this.

Well, it turns out that our seats were on the front row of that section. We felt bad sitting in front of little baby kids and blocking their view, so we went and sat off to the side (so the advance tickets didn’t even come in handy… why didn’t I buy at the gate???).


Now that’s a pretty loyal boyfriend! Loved your mini TR! Your description gave me a good chuckle!


Nice that you got a little taste of Disney so close to home!


Haha, I have friends that took their son to that same show yesterday! They were annoyed that they had to pay $25 for their two year old.


Nice mini report LMM- enjoyed it


he’s a keeper if he sat through the show with you!!!


my friend took her daughter to it yesterday too. so how bad was it? thankfully it’ll be here when we are in seaworld so i won’t feel guilty not shelling out a million dollars for my girls to not care about it and only want some 40 dollar light up thing.




Yes, the souvenirs were cheap-looking and WAY overpriced. Snowcones cost $12 (though they did come in a Mickey container, it was a cheap-looking Mickey container… it didn’t even look like something Disney made… more like the quality of something you would find in a cereal box). Max said he would buy me anything under $20, but there was nothing of good quality. Coloring books (like the kind you would pick up at a restaurant… no hard-cover) cost $5. Programs, which were like sticker books, cost $15!!! If it was good-quality stuff like the merchandise at WDW, then sure that would be reasonable. I think Disney is missing out on a lot of profit. They should have the Mickey ears and Minnie headbands similar to those that they sell at WDW. They should sell the character costumes, because a lot of kids came dressed up as Minnie Mouse or the princesses and those that were not dressed up wanted to be. Children are so easy to make money off of because if they see some other kid with something, they want it. Ahhh… I should go into marketing. :laugh:


Max was too big for the seats…

He had no leg room!

And his eyes are very sensitive to the flash. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Poor guy.



I had to turn the flash off because Max kept closing his eyes. So the picture was kind of blurry…

But then I added the “cartoon” effect, and that seemed to help with the lighting and focus.

Another cartoon effect… weird!

Idk… I think they’re all just blurry.


So, the show was actually pretty good. It kept my attention. I was expecting a baby show… ABCs and 123s, but there was a plot.

Mickey and his friends were hosting a talent show… but they didn’t have any acts! So, they loaded up on the Mickey bus looking for people to be in their talent show. They stopped at a shoe store, and of course Minnie had to try on shoes. Priscella and Drusilla were working the store. They wanted to be in the talent show… but they weren’t very good singers. Then Cinderella came in with her wonderful voice (I thought it was a little deep for Cinderella, actually), and Mickey promised her a standing ovation if she would be in the talent show. Cinderella agreed.

The tire on the Mickey bus went flat, so we were looking for a tire. And there comes Tigger on a tire swing! (Max pointed out that there were two Tiggers… a swinging Tigger and a flying Tigger. I assured him that there is only one Tigger [it’s the most wonderful thing]!!!) Tigger was the kids’ favorite! Boy, did the kids love bouncing along with Tigger (I think his show on Playhouse might’ve helped a little, too.) Tigger agreed to bounce in the talent show because he is the best at bouncing.

Then there was Woody and Jesse and Buzz. Woody could lasso. Jesse could spin two hula hoops around her arms (omg… I could do that when I was five). And Buzz could ride a unicycle (that was pretty cool) and juggle. But not at the same time apparently. None of it was very impressive. Mickey wanted them to be in the talent show, but Woody didn’t know. “Come on Woody, we have talent,” said Jesse (No, actually… you don’t). So they agreed.

And then, after that 45-minute segment, there was an intermission. Not so the kids could potty, but so that they could send people around selling cotton candy in the arena.


They started the second half with some audience participation. They had three kids and their parents come on stage. The parents went backstage while they had the kids dance. They were SOOOO funny!!! It was too cute!

Then, they brought out the parents in the “Greenville Rock Band.”

The kids were the most entertaining part. Max was complaining that we were the only people there that didn’t have to hold someone’s hand when crossing the street, but he loved the kids! “Look at that kid dancing! Aww, that kid’s jumping up and down!” I think the children might’ve amused him more than the show.


When the show started back, it was time for the talent show. Woody and Jesse had a lame lasso/hula hoop act. The lasso was alright, but the hula hoops were pretty pathetic. She tried to twirl one around each arm while twirling one around her waste, and she failed epically. SHE DROPPED THE HULA HOOP!!! Yeah, Jesse’s talent was LAME!!!

Buzz Lightyear juggled these kickballs and frisbees. And he dropped occasionally. Then he and Woody would juggle back and forth. It was pretty amateur compared to the juggling acts you’re used to seeing from Disney.

Cinderella sang the Disney Channel Stars’ version of “A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes.”

And then the kids loved Tigger. Every little kid got up and bounced along with Tigger. And Tigger flew away.




Look at all of those kids up front bouncing with Tigger!

It ended with a bunch of confetti. So if you’re sitting on the floor, you will get covered!!!


This show was fun for the kids (especially those on the first few rows of the floor) because they don’t have to sit still. They’re actually encouraged to get up and dance in the aisles. There are no scary parts - just fun dancing and singing.

If you go, I suggest that you bring light-up toys so that your kids will be less likely to want the ones there. Go ahead and doll them up in all of their Disney gear so that they won’t want any of that cheap junk that they’re selling for too much.

I suggest a seat in the center of the auditorium. Our view was a bit obstructed by the curtain. There was a screan that they projected the scenery onto backstage, and I could hardly see that from where I was sitting.

It was actually a pretty fun show. Definitely not the best production I’ve seen in my entire life, but it wasn’t bad. The kids all looked to be having a great time. I had a good time, and Max had a good time laughing at me singing and dancing along! :laugh: