LMM's Completely Crazy, Mildly Miserable New Years at The World


After getting back to Tampa after our 9-day Eastern Caribbean Cruise aboard RCI’s Grandeur (Grandma) of the Seas (wanna see pics? Victoria Shingleton’s Photos - Christmas in the Caribbean | Facebook Victoria Shingleton’s Photos - Christmas Cruising Part II | Facebook), we headed to Walt Disney World to celebrate New Year’s.

The problem is, while on the cruise, I started getting sick, and by the last day, I had completely lost my voice. So, I was headed to my favorite place on Earth… feeling quite terrible, actually.

Now, Rachel and I also stayed up late partying the night before. I suggested we go to bed, but Rachel refused (she found herself a British lad and had grown quite attached). Being the older sister, I felt like I needed to keep an eye on her, so I stayed out with her. We got maybe three hours of sleep.

But, we wouldn’t let illness and lack of sleep get in the way of our magical vacation. So we stopped by Walgreens and picked up some medications (which I took double dosage of) and continued to the world.


It was around 11:30, and we decided to head to Epcot since we knew it would be crowded, and Epcot is very large and tends to handle crowds well.

It was very crowded. Dad ran to get FPs for Soarin. He was almost to the front of the line when… all fastpasses distributed. Drat.

So, he went to Test Track to get FPs. I suggested that we try the Kim Possible World Showcase attraction. Turns out we needed our tickets to sign up, so Mom, Rachel, and I chilled in Innovations until Dad met us.

We were to report to the Kimmunicator station in Italy at 12:25. We started to take a boat, but we realized that we were in the wrong boat line, and the boat we needed was leaving. Drat.

So, we walked. And we beat the boat. How about that?

It took us awhile to find the tent. We didn’t know exactly what we were looking for. Finally we asked someone.

Photo op

Yeah… this is what Dad has us pose in front of :pinch:

We got our Kimmunicators. Our mission sent us to Germany. We teased my dad about this because he does alot of business in Germany, and whenever we meet any foreigner (mainly European, but anyone from another country, really), he tells them about how he’s been to Germany.

The first location was the little train village. With the Kimmunicator, I was able to make the church ding and light up. There were quite a few guests watching the village, and when they saw the church light up, they all pointed. “The bells are ringing.” I did it again. And again. And again. They couldn’t figure out why the church bell kept ringing. This was fun. I don’t think they ever figured it out. It looked like I was texting. This is awesome.

The rest of our mission included making a cuckoo clock chime… er… yodel, making a train in the toy store drive by, and making this little band come out and play. It was fun, but the whole mission thing was pretty corny. I could do without all of the dialogue and just go around making things go off. Oh, well… it’s Disney, I guess it needs a plot.


Rachel was CRANKY. She needed food. So, we headed over to Yakatori House to get sushi. This place was covered in Asian tourists. I thought it was funny that the Asians could eat this food back home, but they were eating it at WDW.


Rachel was still cranky. She was sleep-deprived. Still heartbroken after having to part from her British lad. We took her to the United Kingdom to cheer her up…

Yeah, that didn’t help so much.

Our Test Track FPs weren’t good til 3:30, and it was 3:00 and we were ready to leave. Dad handed our FPs to this lady with three boys as we were walking out. We try to look for deserving people, and she looked quite lost. She was very appreciative.


We headed to check in at the Wilderness Lodge.


Wish I had known you were there! Would have said HELLO if I saw you!


Ah, drat! Yeah, I forgot to add that to the who’s at WDW thread. What a bummer! I didn’t really get to spend much time in the parks, though, so my likelihood of running into MBers was rather small.


Loving your TR! Ready for more, please. I’m sure you don’t have anything more important to do this evening, like homework.:laugh:

Someone gave us their FPs at Winnie the Pooh in MK on our recent trip, and it made my night!:happy:


While dad parked the car, Mom checked us in, and Rachel immediately collapsed in a chair in the lobby. I took this as an opportunity to take pictures.

The tree was amazing.


Our room was ready! It was on that level, and we had to walk down a series of long hallways to get there.

Rachel immediately passed out in bed, and within a minute, she was snoring very loudly.

We all decided to rest up for late EMH at MK.


Loved your facebook pictures! Waht an amazing trip!! The views were so beautiful! Can’t wait to read all about Disney! You and your sister are so cute!! I :wub: your dresses on the ship :slight_smile:


oh my gosh, Christmas at the Wilderness Lodge is just the best! So gorgeous. Your TR is totally making me laugh, I think I would have done the same thing with the little Kimmunicator; make things go off over & over again just to make people react. haha. So funny!


Great TR…love the pics of FW…we have an ADR there in April I can’t wait to see it in person


I loved the decorations at Wilderness Lodge! I would have loved making things go off with the kimmunicator just to see people’s reactions! Hilarious!


You write a GREAT TR! Ever consider a career in journalism?


As always, another great TR. Loved your photos on FB. Looks like another great trip for you and your family. Its wonderful that you can all travel together so frequently. It makes for some great memories for you all.:happy:


Ditto, and for what its worth you look way hotter than your sister in your dress - LOL. Glad that worked out.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Thanks! I did have the showy-er dress…


Okay, sorry to leave you guys hanging! I just got back from a week in San Antonio for the US Army All-American Bowl. Some of you might remember that I made the marching band. I intended to post the website that the halftime show would air on, but I forgot. :frown: It was such an amazing experience, though, and they really took care of us. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt, and I got to room with my friend, so that was really cool. And they gave us so much STUFF!!! Unfortunately, it was FREEZING in San Antonio - the lowest temperatures in recorded history! We practiced outside, and it was super cold. I’m so glad I thought to pack a heavy jacket, and I’m lucky that my jacket had an inner shell and an outer shell so that I could wear the inner shell under my warmup jacket. Ah, it was hard work learning a show in three days, but getting to perform in front of such a huge audience in the Alamodome was definitely worth it.

I intended to work on my TR at night in Texas, but I ended up being exhausted every night, and I just went straight to bed. I went to Texas with a 101-degree fever. I shouldn’t have been traveling so sick, but this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I didn’t want to miss out. I ended up getting better around Friday and came home almost completely well.


I woke up at 6:30 and realized we’d need to leave then if we wanted to make it to our 7:00 ADR at Boma. But everyone else was still sleeping, and I wasn’t going to be the one to wake them up, so I went back to sleep.

Then I woke up when my parents were awake, and they asked me about our dinner ADR. Which we missed. But luckily, I had actually made two ADRs at Boma for that night - one for a party of four at 7:00, and one for a party of seven at 8:30. See, back when I made the party of seven ADR, we thought that my boyfriend’s family might be joining us. Unfortunately, he had wrestling and his mother had to work, and that didn’t happen. I never got around to canceling that ADR. But, we decided to try and use the ADR and just tell them that three people weren’t going to show.

So, we headed to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We had never been there before, so we just followed the signs. We didn’t really know where we were going, and my dad just parked in the first spot he saw, which happened to be over by Kidani Village, so we had to walk all the way to Jambo House. Then once we got there, we saw Boma, but had no idea how to get down to it. It took us forever to figure it out. Our sleep deprivation was clearly affecting our mental acuteness.

We were able to use the ADR for seven, and we were seated quickly. I went to the buffet and got almost everything. Foods which names I couldn’t pronounce. I had no idea what I was eating, but it was pretty good. I did think the salmon was a little dry. Maybe it was just my piece. My dad and sister liked the variety of meats. You usually don’t get that at a buffet. The desserts were awesome. I liked how they were bite-size so you could try many different kinds. Rachel liked the one with the alcohol content warning. I think she just liked it because she knew it contained alcohol. Funny girl.

Now, my dad always complains about the format of the checks at WDW. He doesn’t like how the waitor or waitress can see what you tip him or her when you pay. But then sometime later he realized that you don’t have to write the amount you want to tip down immediately. He also didn’t like how the recommended tip was 18%. My mom argues that a waitor at a buffet shouldn’t get tipped as much as a waitor in a full-service restaurant because all they do is bring you your drinks and tell you where to get your food. Our waitor didn’t even bring us refills without us having to request them. I don’t believe my dad tipped him 18%.

Also, it was my mom’s birthday (well, the week after, but she had a button on), and she didn’t get a cake or anything.

It’s difficult to take pictures in the dark without flash… mine usually turn out blurry, but if I use a flash, then the lights to don’t appear fully illuminated, so I just have to try and be very still. It didn’t work out so well.