LMM's Disney Graduation Celebration


So I walked…

And got one of these…

And then we headed to WDW!!!

Actually, it was not as simple as that. We were not packed, yet. My mother and I didn’t get home until 9:40. We planned to leave at 11:30, but did not make it out until 12:00.

This time, I scored the backseat. Mother was not happy that I stole it back from her… but I cannot sleep sitting up, and she can, so it worked out fine.

We changed at the same rest area, and were on our way.


We did not get to Epcot in time for EMH. I was a little worried about crowds since the park would already be full with resort guests and was the Gay Days location. However, the crowds were still low.

We went straight to Soarin’ to get FPs. Dad ran ahead, and we were going to wait in line… but then we heard screaming…


Ummm, screaming?! What happened? Congrats on graduating, by the way! :mickey:


We had run into friends!!! Our Disney-loving friends!!!

One of the fellow dance moms is a Disney freak like me. She’s been on the Disboards since it began (joined in 1999… she actually joined before then, but they redid the site, and she had to redo her account). She’s Ellen aka Snow White (she used to just be Snow White, but when she had to get a new account, that one was already taken). They were there celebrating her daughter, Jennifer’s graduation. This is ironic because we talked about going to GradNight together. Unfortunately, we had date conflicts, and we couldn’t work that out… but we both came to celebrate graduation at WDW!!!

So we were jumping up and down and screaming and hugging. The people around us were looking at us like we were crazy.

They had been there since Thursday and are staying until Sunday. They’re camping at Fort Wilderness Resort. They had already done the Keys to the Kingdom tour. They hadn’t been to WDW in three years, and Jennifer was finally old enough.

So… instead of riding Soarin, again, we went with them to Test Track.


That’s Jennifer. Her older sister, Ashley, was there too… she ran away from the pic.

Ellen had prepurchased a PhotoPass CD, and she said that she would send me copies of the pics.

We rode Test Track with them twice, and then it was time for our dining reservations, so we had to say goodbye.


Congrats on the graduation!! Sounds like a great way to celebrate. I can’t wait to read/see more!


Awesome !!! O.K. Victoria, I’m a little jealous that your pics are so huge in the thread!!!
How did you do that??? I have some great photos that would look better if viewed on a larger scale.


I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!!


[QUOTE=WALL;1035876]Awesome !!! O.K. Victoria, I’m a little jealous that your pics are so huge in the thread!!!
How did you do that??? I have some great photos that would look better if viewed on a larger scale.[/QUOTE]

I uploaded them on photobucket using the largest setting.

Are they okay? I was worried they might be a little big…


We posed a few photos with the 2010 Camaro. My bf has a 1979 Camaro. :laugh:

There is a waiting area to get your picture taken in this car (probably because it’s the coolest car they have… the rest are soccer-mom SUVs). The line attendant thought it was funny that once inside, no one could figure out how to open to door to get out.


Congratulations on your graduation! And what a way to celebrate! :laugh: Love the pictures! Can’t wait to see more!


I used to own a 1980 Camero. I loved that car and still miss it:heart:, but it drove horrible in bad weather


Congrats on your graduation!! Love the pics, can’t wait for more. Thank you for sharing!



Congratulations!!! And what an awesome way to celebrate…love the pics!


Looks like you had a great time!


Can’t wait to hear more!


So, Dad just haaaaddd to get another FP for Soarin, so Mom, Rach, and I walked on to Norway.

But first we made a bathroom stop… and that’s when we realized how disgusting we looked.

I had straightened my hair just over an hour before, and it was already curling! Ugg, I hate Florida humidity!!!

We got to Norway and realized that you had to have your entire party there to check in. Dad was taking forever. Finally, he got there and I checked us in. I was behind a guy that did not have a reservation. They took him, though. The non-reservation people were slowing down the line, but a few people got in without an ADR.

We had to wait in the heat until our name was called. There was an abandoned fan cart, and Rachel found the demo and started using it. No CM ever came by and told her to stop. Other ladies saw Rach with the fan and wanted to buy one from her! :laugh: This one lady took out her wallet and asked how much (should’ve said $15, Rach! :laugh:). Only the demo had batteries in it.

In the meantime, Maelstrom accumulated a very long line. Rachel said, “Why is everyone lining up for this attraction? It’s not that great…” The line formed in between Akershus and the waiting area, so it was difficult to hear the names called out.

Finally, we were called!


First, we had our picture taken with Belle. My dad surprisingly didn’t take one of these, but we have the photo that they gave us. It turned out surprisingly well… pretty good for a hot, sweaty day!

I brought my graduation crown to the princess dining. Rachel gave it to me as a gift… I think it was intended for a 5K grad, though, because it was too tiny for my head.

Cinderella knew where Clemson was.

Snow White was weird.

I liked Ariel because she complimented my autograph book. She started flipping through it, “Wow, this is so fancy!”

This might sound mean, but I was kind of disappointed in the princesses. I mean… look at Cinderella and Snow White. When you’re a Disney Princess, you need to be able to smile pretty. Being photogenic is part of the job.


The food was just okay. They needed a better dish to put the hot foods in, too, because the eggs kept slipping off of the plate. The bacon was not good at all… it was just like crunch grease. There was no real meat to it. I liked the pastries. But they tore down the buffet while we were eating, and Rach missed out on a pastry she wanted to try. I guess that’s the bad part of having a late ADR (11:00).

My family said that this was there least favorite meal of the trip. It was kind of disappointing. But, hey… we tried it. You’re realing paying for the princesses, here, so if your DD is princess crazy, this would be a good place to take her. It’s much more affordable than CRT, and you get the same princess interaction.


After breakfast, we rode Maelstrom since we were right there. Skipped the video afterwards, though.

Then, we walked around the world!!!