LMM's No Sleep for Disney Labor Day Weekend TR


I’m baaaackkkkk…

Did you miss me? :laugh:

Ah, so last Wednesday, I believe, we decided to go to WDW for Labor Day. We’d had a really bad week and had been wanting to get to Disney, anyway, and figured that we should just do it. Dad had the Grand Floridian, but then switched it to the Contemporary… only to find out that he’d actually booked Bay Lake Tower. Either way, we were super excited! We purchased the 10-day park hopper no expiration MYW passes so that we can come back for more short trips later. We figure eventually, we’ll get our money’s worth.

So… Friday night, we all went to the football game. Rachel is a cheerleader and I’m in the marching band (:laugh: like that song… guess I’m the nerdy one, here). The bulldogs won 17 to 14. It wasn’t exactly a pretty victory, but hey, we won.

I had to stay to march the show after the game, so I got home a bit later. We all showered and loaded our bags into the Yukon (I had a small duffle, a tote with my clothes for the next day, and a tote with my entertainment items). I sat up front with Dad. Mumsy got the middle seat, and Rachel got the way back.

As soon as we left, I probably could’ve fallen asleep because I was so exhausted from the game, but text messages from a very cute football player kept me up… til 3:00 AM. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Then, I had difficulty sleeping. I kept thinking, “I’m going to Walt Disney World… I should get some sleep.” But it wasn’t easy. Dad bout fell asleep… that’s when Mom decided she would drive. :laugh: I kept hearing Mom and Dad converse and I was just in this daze… I was like asleep, yet fully aware of my surroundings. I believe I slept from 4:00 to 6:20.

We stopped at that parkway rest area to change for the day. I was a bit hesitant of changing in a rest area (imagining the worst), but it was actually quite clean. I was also relieved to find other ladies doing the same thing. There must’ve been 10 or so of us lined up on the counter fixing our make-up and hair.


I was waiting for the TR . . . BAY LAKE TOWERS!!! You lucky dog you! :wub:


Welcome back!! Cant wait to read another awesome LMM TR.

Looking foward to all the great pics.


Great start! I can’t wait to read more!

The last two trips we drove through the night, and we also changed in the bathroom. I felt funny doing it too, but then I decided I didn’t care what anyone thought because most likely I’d never see anyone that was that bathroom ever again!:laugh:


So, after getting freshened up, we were pumped for the day. We were almost at WDW!!!

Rachel and I straightened our hair in the car (we have a power source for our entertainment center… I think you’re supposed to plug gaming systems into it, but we prefer to use it to charge cell phones and heat flat irons :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:).

We got to Animal Kingdom at 8:30. We got our tickets and the CM asked my dad if we were celebrating anything, and he told her that we were celebrating our birthdays (mine and Rachel’s) early (this isn’t a lie, either… this took the place of my birthday trip), so she gave us each birthday buttons. And, so, we put them on.

Upon entering the park, we were both wished happy birthday. We got a lot of birthday wishes throughout the week. It was really cool, and I loved it.


Welcome back.
Nice start to your TR.
What a great way to spend Labor Day!


Ok, why did you change at the rest area. Did you not plan on checking into the hotel before going to the parks?

On with the report, You are a lucky girl, you know? I want to be your sister.


Oh duh, I should have waited for you to post …nevah mind :redface:


They let us into the park about fifteen minutes early, but held us at Discovery Island.

This was the first time Mom and Dad had ever been to WDW for rope drop. Rachel and I caught several rope drops on our last trip to the World, but they were always lagging behind.

This rope drop was super cute, with the checklist and Mickey inviting us along on an adventure.

We decideded to follow the rope through Asia to Expedition Everest. I had read in either Unofficial Guide or the AllEarsNet weekly newsletter that you can cut through Dinoland to get to Expedition Everest faster, but I figured what’s thirty people ahead of us?

We were probably the second train on EE, but whatever… we still didn’t really have to wait.

After our first ride, the wait was still low, so we got back in line. We waited maybe five minutes.

Back for round two!

Yeah, we’re scared.


You two are so cute :wub:


Hey, your hair looks great after riding EE!


:laugh: So much for straightening it…


Great pictures. Glad to hear you had such a great time.


Totally enjoying this TR! And, you girls are just too cute! Can’t wait to read more!

(Finally we’re seeing an increase in TR’s! I’ve been dying to read some to get pumped for our trip!)


The Animal Kingdom rope drop is so cute. I love it!

Your pictures are wonderful!


Now, after our second run, we decided to get FPs and head on to Kilamanjaro Safaris before a crowd built over there. It wasn’t crowded at all, right now.

We actually walked at a leisurely pace. It wasn’t hot, yet, and the trees provided a lot of shading.

Not bad…


After the safari, we checked into Tusker House for our 10:20 Safari Breakfast. We were given a buzzer and sat at a shaded picnic table. We were all really hungry (it’s a good thing I made this ADR… it was actually an afterthought, and I wasn’t sure if we were really going to use it). After about 5-10 minutes, our buzzer buzzed. :happy:

We took a family picture and then were seated in a corner of the restaurant. Our safari guide (I don’t know if that’s what she actually was supposed to be, but I like that term :laugh:), Veronica, gave us all Jungle Juice. Rachel chugged hers while Veronica was still telling us about the buffet. :laugh: We both ordered Diet Cokes in addition to our Jungle Juice because we needed caffeine!

Donald and the gang wasn’t near us, so we went on to the buffet. And, man, I filled my plate. I got like everything. But when I actually ate it, I was a bit disappointed in some of it… not all of it was hot, and the two meaty entrees had a weird flavoring to them. I really wanted some cheese grits. :laugh:

I came back to the table and was greeted by Mickey. But Rachel was still at the buffet.

I managed to stall him long enough for Rachel to show…

Now, ten or so minutes later, Goofy showed up, and guess who was missing…

Once again, Rachel showed up with a big plate of food… Goofy really wanted her to share.

Luckily, she didn’t miss Donald.

Or Daisy.

I can’t remember what all I ate. I tried most everything. I ate a lot of fruit. The pineapple was good. So was the cheese. :laugh:


Wow, great photos of the park from the top of EE!

BTW, How are you adding so many pics on each entry? I attach them and it limits me to 5, yours look like they are embedded…


After breakfast, we decided to head over and line up for the 12:00 showing of Festival of the Lion King, though it was only 11:30. The last time we were at WDW, we didn’t get to see this due to technical difficulties (we found this out after we had waited 30 minutes :laugh:).

We decided to sit in the elephant section because we’d never sat there before (we’re usually lions). We sat on the first row behind the wheelchair seating.

Okay, now as soon as the elephant guy came out, Rachel says, “It’s Chandler!”

Chandler is the biggest guy on the football team… I suppose to understand this, you’d have to see him…

So, I took a lot of pictures of “Chandler.” It wasn’t easy, though. He kept moving on me.

Here’s some more pictures from the show. The quality isn’t very good. My camera didn’t care for the lighting.


[QUOTE=Tiggerific;991093]Wow, great photos of the park from the top of EE!

BTW, How are you adding so many pics on each entry? I attach them and it limits me to 5, yours look like they are embedded…[/QUOTE]

I’m just dumping them all onto photobucket and using [img] tags.