Local radio station at AK for EE opening, anyone else?


One of our local stations is broadcasting from WDW and it is making me want to be there so bad !!! They were at Epcot this morning and then they were moving over to AK cause today was for media only, and then I guess it will not open officially to the public till tomorrow afternoon.

Wish, you might remember it Wild 95.5 . The morning show.


Hey, I am here, isn’t that better than a radio station? I was at Epcot this morning too, and at AK tonight. There was a big press party after AK closed, most of the people there were media, some were travel agents, a bunch of Disney brass and anyone and everyone who is on the Disney Channel. Tonight, only EE and Kali River Rapids were open, and they had a band, food and drinks everywhere, fireworks and a bunch of cool stuff. I was able to ride EE 10 times in less than 2 hours, but even if I had more time, there was no way I could ride it one more time.

The Grand Opening ceremony is tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM with Bob Iger, and following the cermony, the ride will be open, sometime around 10 AM. Sorry, not much to report, I got in about midnight last night, and spent most of today looking for gifts for the kids. I will see if I can post some pictures of the grand opening tomorrow or when I get home on Saturday morning.


WooHoo Please take care of us Mickey. If you get us some good photos we’ll let the Santa hat stay!


My local station was there all morning and will be again tomorrow. It’s just evil.

Almost as evil as reporting you’ve ridden EE TEN TIMES in less than two hours… :dry:


I’ve never ridden any coaster 10 times in a row. My personal bests are DL Big Thunder 3 in one hour, DL Space Mountain 4 in one hour, California Screamin’ 4 in one hour, MGM RnR Coaster 3 in one hour, Hulk 4 in one hour (28 total inversions), Dueling Dragons (both Fire and Ice) 4 total in one hour including front row once on each, Wildcat (HersheyPark) 3 times. I guess there are a few more coasters I’ve been able to ride 3 or 4 times in an hour. I honestly don’t know how many times in a row I could ride any ride, even if I could, and we all know I live to ride coasters.


I would so love to be there right now! :happy:


I rode something at Busch Gardens in Tampa about 10 times in a row in 1993 – can’t remember the name of the coaster though??? It had just rained and the park had really cleared out and we were able to go over and over and over…

As for Mickey…yeah, he’s really good a rubbing it in!! :wink: But aren’t we lucky to “know” him and get all the inside scoop!! :mickey:


Tiggerfan I am living in Port St lucie and on my way to work I was listening to Wild 95.5 boy was it making me want to skip work today and drive to Disney


Yeah a local station where I am was there yesterday and is there today too.


I want to be Mickey when i grow up.


Guess that’ll never happen… :tongue:


Stop following me around… OFFICER!..


Yeah we’ve got local radio stations over there too, I am so jealous! I am dying to try EE.

At least Mickey is over there, we can live vicariously through him! :mickey: