Locker at animal kingdom


are there lockers at animal kingdom dh andi want to go on kali river rapids. we have never gotten on it but dont want to walk around wet… i was wondering is there lockers we can put dry cloths in and a place to change.? thanks


Yes! :happy:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Park

Lockers may be rented to store items during your visits to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Lockers locations:
Inside and outside of the Park entrance

The fee to rent a locker is
$5 per day for a small locker
$5 per day for a large locker
$2 key deposit for both small and large lockers

As far as a place to change, you may have to just use the bathrooms - I haven’t heard of a designated changing area. But I could be wrong! :happy:

Also, keep your receipt for the locker, and if you do any park hopping you can get a locker at your next park too without having to pay again. :mickey:


I never knew this - thanks for sharing this info! Very useful.


Another tip for staying dry is to get a couple 99 cent ponchos from Walmart/ Kmart/Big Lots etc and use them when you go on KRR. Bring an extra storage size zip lock bag w/ you and you can store them for the next “wet event”.


You’re welcome. :heart:

Also, I just realized in my first post it has $5 listed for both small and large lockers. It must be a typo on the website because I know that’s not right, but I don’t remember how much the large one is. I want to say $8. :confused:


We’ve never had a problem with our things getting wet when we store them in the center storage space of the raft.


I didn’t finish before posting!!

You could store your stuff in there during the ride. Or maybe you meant that you did not want to carry it around all day! Okay, just ignore me I am rambling!!


I think if you got really wet and wanted to change they would let you use on of the baby care areas. There are private areas for nursing, they may let you change in there.

This is one of the reasons I have not ridden KRR in a while. I get VERY wet every time. In Feb. the kids went by themselves and they only had a few spots on them, go figure.


thanks everyone… i thought i would just wear pair of board shorts something that would dry quick but I want to take other stuff in case we get cold. we have never gone on this time i want to make sure we do it.


We always put our things in the center and they stay dry. As far as tennis shoes, they make you keep them on, and they getsuper wet. They don’t let you take off your shoes, but you have a minute or so before tings get wet to sneak them off when you leave the platform! Just some advice!


These are the same center storage spaces that Bluto’s River Barges at IOA have.
Usually what I do is quickly empty my pockets, remove my shoes and socks (if I haven’t been able to do so just before boarding, and take off my tee shirt.
Once the plastic cover is stretched into place, your stuff will stay mostly dry (sometimes there is a little drip, but not much).
For girls, I’d suggest wearing a halter top under your tee shirt.
I also try to plan farther ahead and will wear sandals and quick drying shorts so I avoid most of the discomfort of wet clothes.
By the way, not all river raft rides have center storage.
I seem to recall Grizzly River Run at DCA as not having the center storage area and I’m almost certain that Six Flags and Busch Gardens don’t have them.