Lockers in a good central location?


We are going to DW in February, We are expecting chilly mornings in the high 40’s to mid 50’s…which by our Texas Definition is cold ha ha. The afternoons should be high 70’s. We’re not wanting to waste valuable space in our back packs by cramming sweaters in them. Can anyone tell us if there are lockers at each of the theme parks in a (hopefully) central location that wouldnt be too inconvenient to get to from anywhere in the park. Id hate to be on the opposite side of the park, get hot , want to take the sweaters off and have to walk a mile to the closest locker station. The same goes for leaving the park, it’d be nice to be able to just swing by the lockers and grab our stuff on the way out and not have to sidetrack too much. also, would carrying a backpack be too much of an inconvenience on the rides ? Or do they have cubby holes on the ride loading/unloading area ? Id just hate to be in a situation where we cant get on a ride because theres nowhere to put our backpacks. I know this sounds like alot, but thank you all for any help you can offer. :mickey: :mickey:


The lockers are at the front of the parks. Nothing centrally located.

What I would suggest is a single backpack. Not everyone should have to carry one. If you need to carry more, such as a camera, wallet, etc., I would suggest a fanny pack or something similar. Most of the rides that need a place to put your backpack have a place for it.


We have been when it is cold in the morning, and warms up to the 70s during the day. We take the really light jackets (parachute type) or wear a sweatshirt, and then tie it on our waist. Not too fashionable, but I doubt anyone cares…


I was going to say the same thing. MK, DHS, and AK are all just inside the turnstiles while Epcot’s lockers are just south of Spaceship Earth on the west side.
MK’s lockers are the largest.


I agree. On those type of days, you may need the windbreakers/light jackets more than once during the day. A lot of places will have the A/C on too high for your comfort and it is nice to have it right there with you.


On days like that, I have a zippered Busch Gardens hooded sweatshirt that I’ll just tie around my waist.
Why Busch Gardens? Because it happens to be one of the best pieces of theme park wear I’ve ever bought and I wish I’d bought two or three. They were relatively inexpensive and Lee Heavyweights. Sadly, BG doesn’t sell these any more either.