I know all the parks have lockers, but how big are they and how much are they to rent?



I think they’re 5-10, but they give you money when you return your key.


WDW lockers are $5 for the day, but there is also a $2 key deposit which is refunded to you when you return the key. They’re about the size of standard airport/bus station lockers with room for several bags of stuff you’ve bought or a back pack or a bag loaded with survival gear for the family.


Last time we went to Disney was November. It was cool in the morning, you needed a jacket/sweatshirt. by late morning we no longer needed it, rented the locker, put anything else in it we didn’t want to carry at that time. Then early evening needed the jackets again, so retrieved them from the locker. This saved running back and forth to the room. Then turned in the key as we left for the night. Little money spent, but great convenience. Plan on doing it again this year.



Thanks for the great Idea sue299 as we tend to spend long days in the park and as we’ll be there in December it can be a bit chilly in the morning or late night and not having to run back to the resort to get a jacket or sweatshirt is a big plus.


The lockers are such a good plan, if you don’t mind hiking back to them when you want to get something out or put something in… we kept all our snacks and some towels and all that jazz in them at MK, and when it was time for the kids to chill out at lunchtime, we set up a little picnic on a table upstairs at the train station. We felt like we were at a restaurant, only with juice boxes and sandwiches with no crust!
The next time we used them, though, it was pretty inconvenient to get back to them. I think after we battled our way up Main Street during a really heavy crowd day, we just decided to pack it in and go back to the resort…
From then on, we just kept all our stuff in a stroller with the kids.


This is exactly what I use to do when I went in January. I HATE to carry stuff in the parks…the lockers are worth it to me…lol


Good to know they’re large. We are planning to take a change of clothes and shoes when we go to AK so we don’t walk around wet all day after Kali.


Once I discovered I could put my tripod in one, I became a much happier person when I didn’t have to carry my camera and stuff.


The lockers are a fantastic plan. You can leave change of clothes in case you go on water rides too. They are great. Well worth the little bit of cash!