Lol Chicken Little And Abby On The Oscars!


Who saw them? They were HILARIOUS! They were joking because Disney didn’t dress them up for the Oscars and they were complaining that Mickey had pants, Goofy had pants, but Abby didn’t! It was great!


I always wondered about those poor ducks and no pants!!! we should protest


Were they accepting, or presenting? What were they doing there?


They were presenting. I have to say they were hilarious.


awwwwwww I thought the Oscars started at 6 but they started at 5! I AM SO MAD!
I hate missing the beginning, espcially the first HOUR! :sad:


That probably would have been the ONLY part of the Oscars I would have wanted to see…

Thanks for telling us about it.


They were the best of the show so far, although Jon Stewart is pretty funny. The speaches are reeeeaaally boring, aren’t they?


I love Jon Stewart, but not enough to actually watch the Oscars…


OMG, that CHicken Little skit was adorable!!!

So funny!


i thought chicken little and abby were the funniest presenters out of the whole bunch, so far. i thought they were very cute. and i stand by abby with the whole ducks not wearing pants thing. if she has a petition, i’ll take out my pen and sign to get pants for all ducks! lol.


It was hilarious! Although who caught Maryl Street and Lily? Now that was funny!


Was Chicken Little even nominated for anything?


No :crying:


I loved that part. I also thought Ben stiller in the green suit was hysterical!


Ben Stiller WAS hilarious! And Chicken Little was also on American Idol last week, because one of the contestants look JUST LIKE HIM! He really does!


I thought Ben was…well…painful to watch is all I can say. Sorry!


I missed the whole thing. :crying: I would have liked to see Chicken Little and Abby Mallard! :mickey:


was it the kind you meet at WDW or the cartoon type ! ? ( i am so sorry i am forgeting everything RowdyrAider taught me )


I’m still looking for the answer. Why doesn’t Disney give the ducks pants???


My only guess would be the work that would go into making a pair of pants that would fit over their large tail feathers!