Long Shot


Well I keep hearing people in my family saying that my DW might OK a trip to WDW before our AP’s run out next Feb… I’d sure like to go for a long weekend in early Dec. :angel:


Go for the element of suprise…im sure she’ll love it!


I totally agree. Nothing better. Just do it.


Go for it!! You have the tickets, what a great reason.


Yes,make like Nike and Just Do It!!!


Weekend??? Make it a week.

I’m two hours from Chicagoland. We’ll we be driving or flying?


Go for it, definitely!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you…I just know it will work out!!


hey We will be there then GO FOR IT! :smile:


We will definately fly, we have driven all three times we went and I just don’t want to drive again.


Thanks for all your support. It will be a perfect way to end this stint of WDW trips, seeing the holiday lights and all the new and special things at WDW!


You should go and take advantage of those AP’s.


Hey this pixie dust stuff really works, we are now going to go to WDW for a week the 1st or 2nd week of Dec. '05!


I made a reservation for 6 nights Dec. 4 thru 10. We got a great rate at the PC, like $75.00 a night!


Way To Go!!! Did you tell her yet? That is the BEST time to go - low crowd levels, MVMCP, all the decorations and this year the “Happiest Celebration” too. Have a great time!!!


Yeah, the decorations will be awesome to see plus all the new things going on. It will be a great 6 days. Thanks


I am so glad that you get to go. I hear it is so beautiful all decorated for the holidays and the crowd levels are really low at that time.


I am so glad that you are going, we will be there just after you, 16th and I can’t wait!