Longer park ticket than resort stay?


Ok all you great MBers, here’s another question for ya’.
I just hope it doesn’t sound dumb?!?!?!?:redface:

We are looking at a Christmas trip to WDW and Universal.
We are planning on staying on-site at WDW for 6 nights, then possibly moving over to a condo for 7-8 nights.

Instead of just getting a 7 day park hopper ticket… Can we get a 10 day park hopper? Even though we will not be on-site for 3 of the days. I understand for those 3 days we would not have EMH priviledges… but has anyone done this?

And if it’s a longer ticket… can we still have in-park charging priviledges on the ticket card until we check out of the WDW resort?

Or is it best to just have the same number of days we will be on-site for the tickets… meaning less confusing!:confused:

This came up because we are unsure if Universal will even be enjoyed by our 4 kids and want to have a few more days for WDW to fall back on if Universal is a bust.

Hope this makes sense!:huh:

Thanks for all your help,


You can get any length of pass you want no matter how long your stay. You can charge until midnight on the day you check out, it’s not tied to your ticket but your room key.


Plus, if you add the non-expiring option and you end up not going to WDW the extra days you can use them on a future trip.


I’d buy the maximum ticket with no-expire and waterpark options.
This way whatever you don’t use this trip will still be available to use however many years from today you finally return to use the remainder.
As for charging in park, as said, that is keyed to your room account, and unless you are staying in one of the official Disney hotels, you can not charge back to your room. This is because you don’t have a room to charge back to. Also, if you are staying at Swan and Dolphin, Shades of Green, or one of the DTD hotels, you have no in park charging privileges.


If you don’t get the non-expiration option, remember that the tickets expire 14 days after first use. It sounds like you will be home by then, so unless you plan on taking the unused tickets home with you, you should be fine without the non-expiration option.


yup we do it every year because we stay a week on site and a week off site.


We buy the 10 day with waterpark,hopper and no-expire options.We paid just about 500 for the tickets in 2006.We will be using these tickets again in Nov,This will be our third trip with these tickets.We have 3 major,5 waterpark passes still left.We also have a 1 day pass left from tickets(before the no-expire options)we got in 2003.


We got the 10 day with water park fun last year. We have always stayed offsite so we enjoy having the extra days since we can’t do EMH. It is amazing how much cheaper it is to add 2 or 3 days to your pass. I think it was less than $50 last summer for our family of 5 to add three more days!


We most always get the 10-day PH with no expiration. We stretch those tickets out! But, though we always stay on Disney property, there are other things to do…like enjoy our resort, spend a day at DTD, etc. It’s so much cheaper to buy more days…and we are careful to keep those tickets safe!


Thanks ya’ll!

If you buy more park days than you are staying on-site…
Is your ticket/room key still one in the same,
meaning that plastic credit card thing or with extra days does it go to the paper ticket thing?



Yup, you can have a longer pass than nights you are on property…pretty smart planning actually. the longer you stay, the cheaper the pass, so it’s not going to break the bank to add the days.


If you think there is any way you might make another trip soon, you could also consider APs, since they get you some extra discounts on food and rooms, as well as into the parks for a whole year.


Excellent point…one of you should get the AP…discounts on what missdisney said plus admission next trip (within a year), possible room discounts and extra discounts next trip…makes the most sense to have one of you to get an AP and the rest get the max ticket…or all of you get an AP.