Look at this offer


This is what they are offering to Europeans, wow. Keep in mind that Europeans take longer vacations than Americans do. My mouth was hanging open when I saw the minimum number of nights…

Walt Disney World - Tickets, Resorts, Holidays - Official Site


oh man that would be soooooo nice! we’ve gone for 14 days before but that was when i was a kid and didn’t have any responsibilities! curse you responsibilities!


wow, let’s hope some of that magic comes our way. I went last year on the 4plus3 promotion and got 2 $200 gift cards because we had 2 rooms. that was sweet.


yup, we went in January and got that same deal, as you karliebug, except, ummmm only one room, one card :laugh:


On the Disboards, there is a TR that is 30 days long. I don’t even know if she started writing it. But based on her meals, it looks like staying off site a few days, go on cruise, stay at disney, off site a few days, stay at disney more days, go home.

I think Dixie should book trips for all of us. :laugh: