Look at this


I found a catalog in one of the cottages and this is what I found

The Lakeside Collection - Products

me wanna have that :biggrin:


cute! i love lakeside - its like LTD but you don’t have the minimum order (or extra charge to get less) and better shipping!


Awww! Thats is cute! Not a bad price either.

Did they have any other Characters?


Yes, just click on the Tinkerbell picture and there are Pooh and the other is Mickey and friends :smile:


very cute!


OMGosh! I want the Mickey one!!!:goofybounce: :mickey: :goofybounce:


I want the Mickey one too!! I don’t think DH will allow me to Disney-fy the car anymore than in is :angry: :glare: :pinch: … (I only have a front license plates and an antenna topper…)


Me too, license plate and pirate mickey antenna topper. But!!! this is my car. I drive it :blush: I’m buying one and a steering wheel cover :laugh: :laugh:


Lakeside Collection has some rather interesting stuff.

I’ve seen several pieces that I’d want to use for the outdoor bar when the time comes…:cool:


We bought the Tinker one for our granddaughters upcoming birthday. Hope she likes it. She’s been a fan of Tinkerbell since she was a little girl, so I’m sure she will. BTW, they’re even cuter in person.:tinkerbell:



Well, they USED to. I just looked at the website and the things I’d liked AREN’T THERE.


Should’ve gotten them when I saw them.


:laugh: :laugh: I have the license plate and antenna topper too!:laugh: :laugh: (I change the topper seasonally):blush:

I also have a little window decal in the back and a little stuffed Tigger hanging on my rearview mirror.

DH has no say so on my car either…I say go for it!!!:biggrin:

I might have to get the steering wheel cover to keep up with you too!!:wink:


“Pimp My Ride” – coming soon to the Disney Channel. :ohmy: :blink: :ohmy: :blink:

:laugh: :laugh:


I wanted the little mickey family window stickers too but he sad no to that too :angry:… the big meanie :laugh:


I like the tink steering wheel cover. Maybe that can be my early b-day present. And since it’s on sale, I guess I could add a few more things to the car. I drive it most of the time anyway.

Thanks for sharing!!


You are quoting yourself??? Isn’t anyone talking to you :laugh:

errrrr…sorry they’re out of what you wanted.

Ok, I am glad to hear that the seatcovers do look really nice in real life. I mean usually this inexpensive stuff looks it. I can’t wait to see them :happy:


It’s tough to keep up with the Joneses :laugh:

Tinkfan, happy to share - get some :cool:


It was a self-referential moment. I blame the allergy meds. :laugh:

I don’t think they’re out; I think they simply don’t sell them anymore. That can only mean one thing: time to go poking around on eBay. Because I don’t spend nearly enough time doing that already.


or maybe it’s a matter of “everybody has one now” ?


i saw tinkerbell on a car the other day at a shopping center