Look at what I found at the thrift store for $.99


Figment coin Bank


heehee, cute.


awww neat…what a bargain!!


Wow, that is a really neat find. :slight_smile:


Cool bargain!


Awww! So jealous. It’s soo cute! :smiley: I love Figment. Good find!


Yay I LOVE finds like that! :happy:


That’s a found treasure! Reminds of being a little kid & thinking EPCOT was soooo ‘boring’ except for Figment. :tongue: Congrats on the find!


Oh look how cute, I absolutely adore Figment. He is definitely one of my fav’s. To be sure a truly neat find.


What a great find!

Same here!


That is too cute, what a great find. I looooooove thrift store shopping.

My studio is in a building with a clothing designer and everyday I would tell her how fabulous she looked and I told her to take me shopping with her the next time she went. Well to my suprise we went to thrift stores and she showed me how to shop for clothes. She would only buy 100% wool, silk or cotton and sure enough when the tag stated that it was- an orignal price tag would also show $100 and up. I am wearing a wool sweater from Talbets I am sure was over $100 but only paid $3-with the tag still on. Gotta love Thrift stores.


Nothing like finding a little magic tucked away in a thrift store…pretty cool!


OH what a great find and Remy that was so interesting about the thrift shop shopping experience- good info.


My DW loves Figment and would love that bank, I’ve never seen that one before. We have a Mickey bank though.


Oooo I love that! Perfect for saving for the next trip!


I think I need to get a Disney bank again…somehow saving my change in a random container on top of the fridge just isn’t as exciting. :dry:


I love Figment! So cute. Nothing like a good bargain!


I love figment! How cute!


My Disney bank is the sorcerers hat from MGM/HS I save all my tips from one vacation to the next and its surprising how they mount up.


The Figment bank makes my gallon jar look tacky!