Look at what I got today


Dear Nevada,

As you know, we recently conducted a search for moms who have mastered the art of planning a Walt Disney World® Resort vacation in our search for the first ever Walt Disney World® Moms Panel. While we were overwhelmed with 10,000 responses in just one week, it also was a turning point. When we saw the passion and heart warming stories you shared about your experiences at Walt Disney World ® Resort, we realized it was important to stay connected with you.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to become a member of a new club – a Walt Disney World® “Moms Club.” The name is still to be determined – in fact; you can help determine the name. This new program will include newsletters packed with parent-friendly Walt Disney World news that will also include surveys asking your opinions about Walt Disney World ® Resort. We are also developing a welcome kit for members that we intend to mail out this spring 2008.

Please click on the following link to make sure that your profile information is correct. We need your correct home address so that we may send your welcome kit. It will contain special gifts and information about our new moms group and tools to share the magic of Walt Disney World Resort with others.


I got one too! So I wonder how many others got this letter! It is always exciting to get something from WDW!!!:wub:


That’s pretty cool!


Yep, I got one too. I figured I’d let them send me anything they wanted to, so I followed directions. :laugh: :wub:


I got it too! Nice to know we can still take part even if it’s in a smaller capacity.


That is so cool! :happy:


That’s great, it’s nice to know people want our opinions. LOL


i got that too - havent had time to go to it yet (MB 1st, ya know)!


That’s so cool, I hope I have one waiting for me at home.


I got it too. My heart sank when I read it. I thoug I was part of the club


I got it too! I’m thrilled to be getting a welcome packet. I have PDD so bad right now that I’ll take anything I can get!


That’s awesome for all of you. Let us know what you get and what kinds of things they ask you.

Congrats to all.


I got one! Of course I immediately did what I had to. My husband then emailed me at work and told me to read our email. I think he was more excited than I was.:laugh:


I still don’t know if I go the letter or not. Our router (I think that’s the thing that sits near the computer) got hit by lightning last night and I can’t log on to my computer. I’m on my DH’s laptop and I don’t know how to check our email on this computer.


Awesome congrats! Looks like they chose some GREAT members! :biggrin:


I got the email as well asking to update profile, help choose new name, etc. Pretty cool!


I got the email too. I was thinking that they probably sent it to everyone who had applied. What name did you vote for? I think I like the Momketeers.


Me too I thought that was the coolest!!


I chose Moms on Main Street.


I think everyone who entered to win a spot on the panel probably got one! I signed up, and it is a chance to join to the public website. Just like being a member on MB.

I did Main Street Moms or something like that…