Look for Free dining email, 8/15 -10/2


Got a pin email today for free quick service dining, starting 8/15. I’m wondering if this will go public. I was planning on a summer trip ., but Im thinking resort discounts for July might be a better deal.

Can’t beat free quick service though when you are doing value season rates


Lucky you that’s the day we are going for a 9 night stay. No pin for me mercer get them :(. Does it have an upgrade option for one quick service and seat down meal?


Nice! I didn’t get free dining…I got this one.

Get FREE Park Hopper® and Water Park Fun & More ticket option upgrades when you purchase a 5-night/5-day, non-discounted Walt Disney Travel Company vacation package that includes accommodations at a select Disney Resort and Theme Park tickets!

With these amazing upgrades, you can visit more than one Theme Park per day and the Disney Water Parks!

That’s a savings of $443
for a family of four, based on 2 adults, 1 junior and 1 child!

For stays most nights 8/15/10–10/2/10.


Seriously why why can’t I ever get a pin code.


Me, too. :ph34r: Especially since we’re considering going in August.


No one seems to know the where and why of it. I just goy a postcard last week in my step-son’s name. Id register a few emails with disney, and some different addresses as well.


Man I am bummed out the only ping I ever received was for 5x disney points. oh well maybe one day but than it would be at a time I couldn’t use it …that is how my luck goes.


Im sure it will go public. While there in sept i should have booked the free tabl service bounceback. The cm did say march,april look out for free ddp.


I’d say look for the public free dining sometime in April. Disney would really love to stand by their position of eliminating the “code/discounts”, but with the current economic conditions it isn’t feasible. I will keep everyone posted, just like everyone else does, as I find out more information.


We got the Fre quick service dining plan email today too with a PIN- any idea about the free dining plan that’s normally offered for Aug-Sep? My husband too is wishing he had gone ahead & done the “bounceback” while we were there last year…


Does anyone know if they offer free ddp in sept will it be the table service one? If not would we beable to upgrade from free counter to table


When my Sister went for free dining quick service, she paid the $11 per day to upgrade.

I did the full dining last August. I was thinking maybe the QS would be better for my family. They were bored going to all of the sit down meals.