Look I found something fun


I came across this link, while reading a trip report on another forum:redface:

This woman’s website is incredible.
Something for everyone, including…oh go and see for yourself, people and enjoy :happy:

Disney Magic Photos 2005


Another forum??? :confused:

Is that allowed??? :eek:


Well, only when there’s absolutely nuttin’ going on here, hunny:laugh:

This is where I found it and this is where I’ve been the last hour or so
The Food Was Not Undelicious: May 25-June 1, 2007! Chef’s Table Part V - Post #752!!! - The DIS Discussion Forums - DISboards.com

ummm, am I allowed to post this link? :confused:


“The Food Was Not Undelicious”


That’s the sort of lofty praise that could really go to one’s head…:laugh:


Dopey, this is a great site! Thanks for the link!


That was exactly what caught my attention. I just had to read this tr. And she is so funny. I just couldn’t stop reading it:closedeye


oh, I loved her food porn report! she is an absolutely hilarious writer! and, she took tons of food pics & gave honest reviews! loved it!

thanks for the link to that site - looking forward to checking it out later tonight! i mean, when there is nothing at all going on here!


Yes, Sarah, that link only works when there’s absolutely nothing going on :laugh:


Great site! I wish I had that much free time to do a site like that. Maybe my kids will quit every sport known to mankind and give me free time. Hmmm, don’t see that happening anytime soon.


not only that, did you see her scrapbooking room :ohmy: unbelievable. She doesn’t have any kids, that’s why


I have NEVER…I repeat…NEVER seen a room that organized in my life!!:laugh: :laugh:

I am impressed! What a great site with lots of super photos. Thanks for sharing the link!

Maybe someday, after the kids are grown…I’ll have my very own room too!:laugh: :rolleyes:

(Who am I kidding!):laugh:

BTW…it appears that they just had a baby this year…so I’m sure things will be changing! (No pun intended):laugh:


Click on the “About Me” tab on her website and then “Mousetale” for a chuckle!:laugh:


Now this is my kind of TR: food porn. :wub:

After familiarizing myself with the parties involved by reading page one, I jumped straight to page 37 for the start of the Vicky & Al CT experience.

I’m all aswoon.

adopts Scarlett O’Hara stance Someday, as God is my witness, I will have dinner at the Chef’s Table…


Funny thing, that’s what I said :pinch: wanna go together?


Very cute…I like the disney bathrooms shots…lol you know I like those random potty shots.:laugh:


Great site . . . love the hidden Mickeys section too . . . another favorite thing to do at Disney!!!


hehehe, that was funny. Because I thought, well now “hideous” her guys is not:laugh: :laugh:


Delighted, my dear Dopey. :happy:

Do you want to wear the curtain dress, or shall I? :laugh:


Oh, by the way, between page 1 and page 37, there is a whole lot more to read. She is so funny. I clicked on the other links in her signature and bookmarked them, so I can amuse myself WHEN THERE’S NOTHING GOING ON HERE ON MB :laugh:

I think you better wear that dress, darlink, I am really, really not built for it :laugh:


I was kind of thinking of Carol Burnett’s version…don’t you just love how the rod accentuates the shoulders? :laugh: