Look Out! WDW here they come


If you’re in the parks today look out for an unexpected elevated attendance as Drew Bres made that infamous comment last night after the game. Drew Brees is scheduled to visit Walt Disney World Monday for a special ticker-tape parade at 11:55 a.m. at Magic Kingdom Park

Laissez Les Bon temps rouler! Walt Disney World


Wow! That was FAST!


It helps that they’re already in south FL. They have to hurry back to N.O. for a hugh parade on Tues night. With Mardi Gras going on and parades already scheduled they have to get all this moving really fast. It is INSANE down there right now, even more than usual so doing this at WDW asap under the radar is prolly the most sane thing out of all of it.


Thats so cool. I was watching his face last night when he was holding his son after the game. It brought a tear to my eye.


Mine too. it was very touching.


Seems to me a New Orleans team would be more at home in Disneyland than the Magic Kingdom.
Or maybe they are trying to get away from the New Orleans vibe?

I loved Drew Brees putting those airport hearing protectors on his son.
That little touch says a lot about the man.


Why would you think that? Esp since they were already in S.FL.


Oh, you mean especially since they’re only about 20 miles from my house?

Maybe this is the reason:
New Orleans Square - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
New Orleans Square – Disneyland
New Orleans Square - Disneyland Park California

Edit: On the other hand, Joe Robbie Stadium (I refuse to call it by any current corporate name) is Exit 2X on the Turnpike (also Exit 47 on the Turnpike mainline) and the exit to WDW is Exit 249 (Osceola Parkway) and a quick 3 hour ride compared to having to fly out to LA and then be transported to Anaheim, WDW is logistically more logical.


I would have LOVED to have been there! Drew Brees is an amazing man. Football player, dad, husband, everything.

Did anyone catch him on Letterman?

Oh, and their victory parade had AT LEAST 800,000 people lining the streets!