Look what I found today


Do you see what I see?

Water droplets from my roses.


Very cool!! That would really make you have a magical day!!


the dog peed?


A sign from the big mouse!!!:laugh:


Definitely smile-worthy.


Thats a sign the trip is coming quickly


Cute!!! I love when Mickey pops up unexpectedly to say hi… :mickey:


I love it!

My son heard Kevin (from UP!) this morning…haha


Very cool indeed.
I posted a picture here a few years ago where melting snow made a mickey head


Yay!!! Cute ~ I love when I find mickey in everyday things :slight_smile:


I love it!


That’s great! I would take that as a sign…


Mickey must miss you and want you to hurry back. I too love when Mickey shows up in ordinary everyday activities


It’s definitely a sign…our trips will be here before we know it!


I love it when Mickey surprises me! :wub:


Aw, I love it!


Look into the Crystal Ball…er Rock , and tell me what you see !!! :laugh:
Sometime the answers just presents itself on it’s own !!!

Or you could look at it as a Ink Blot Rock test ???:laugh:


lol @the dog pee’d. I must admit I have been looking for “those hidden mickeys” and I haven’t seen one yet.:frowning: I bet that made your day


Isn’t it a sign when you start seeing Mickey’s everywhere?? The only cure is to get to WDW immediately!


Glad to know that I’m not the only one who’s always looking for Hidden Mickeys!