Look what just went on sale today!


If you are an AP holder, just log in, click on “news & events” and you’re good to go! :happy:

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party | Walt Disney World Resort


Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party | Walt Disney World Resort


ahh…loved that party. Wish I could go…:frown:


Wow how early is that? Its only just May! But, both are wonderful events and if you’re planning on going why not get your tickets as early as you can. (Wish we were able to go)


Yay!!! We can buy our MNSSHP tickets!!! yay!!!


I have never attended one of these partys, and really am totally surprised the first party is scheduled for when I’m there. So…I think I’m going to do it! I’m going to buy tickets. My next question is does it sell out fast? I’m still thinking ds 19 yr old will change his mind and want to come with. So, do I buy the tickets now, and then be able to add him on later?


Yeah! It is on the day I planned! My ADRs would have been totally messed up otherwise!


Me too!!! I planned my ADR’s hoping that it would be on October 2nd!!! I’m so excited that it is!


I can’t wait to get my tickets, and am also relieved to see the day I was planning on is on the list!


We booked MNSSHP about 2 weeks before the event and we had no problems getting tickets. But I would have to assume that there are very “popular” days, so they potentially could sell out fast. I’m really not sure which days are THE most popular (Saturday’s perhaps???) so maybe someone else can help you out with that…

And I have never “done” MVMCP. Is this worth the price of admission for a couple w/ no kids? We LOVED MNSSHP last year (our first time trying it out).

We may try the Christmas party over the Halloween party this year if it’s “worth” it.

Which is better?


So happy to see MVMCP scheduled for the day we anticipated attending! Let’s hope the rest of our trip stays as planned when the Dec calendar is released.


[QUOTE=papa bear;1075329]

We may try the Christmas party over the Halloween party this year if it’s “worth” it.

Which is better?[/QUOTE]

IMO, MNSSHP is way better than MVMCP. But, I also think Halloween beats Christmas as far as holidays go…