Look what's coming to Hallmark


DISNEY MUGS!!! Like we all need another one . . . but these are TOO CUTE! :wub:

And a special offer . . . so shop early! :happy:


I have to have the tigger one …


LOL! Your DH is going to ban you from reading my posts!! :laugh: :laugh:


Tinkerbell for me… so cute.


Nah he loves that I have a hobby lol


Oh they are SO cute…I must get one…or two…or all of them…lol


I was thinking the same thing


me too! :blush:


Too cute! We don’t need any more mugs, but guess what. I guarantee you’ll find a couple of those in our kitchen anyway! :blush: :laugh:


I really need some new mugs. NOT. LOL But these are really cute. I think they would be fun for Hot Cocoa. Although, living here in FL we don’t really drink hot cocoa…especially in this sticky summery hot mess were in right now. Poor ds won’t even know what hot cocoa is.


Donald for me! Too bad I don’t drink coffee or anything else from a mug.


My girls would love the Tinkerbell one and DS would love the Donald one. I might have to put those away for Christmas. BTW, does Hallmark already have their Christmas ornaments out?!


Oh, how cute!! I am with Missy-I need these to put away for Christmas!


Oatmeal or cream of wheat is good in a mug!


Not yet the preview weekend is July 12 & 13 and you can get the mugs at that special price with a two ornament purchase.


Thanks for the heads up. The calendar is marked. Tink is first on the list, or maybe Donald. He’s my second fav. Decisions, decisions…


These are really cute. I just may have to break down and get the Donald Duck one.