Lookie here! Look what i found!



I heard about this!! I also heard there is anoutjer cars movie coming out, anyone kmow anything on that?!


I love Toy Story and it’s in 3-D what more could a girl ask for!!!


Adorable!! Can’t wait! :happy:


Wow, very cool!


Nice, june 18 2010


So cool, can’t wait. Thanks for sharing that.



I wonder who’s taking over Jim Varneys voice work?


Thank you so much for posting that. We are big Toy Story fans at this house. I can’t wait!


I also just read that in 2011 pixar has a movie called newt.
I found this…
The Pixar animated newt centers on the last remaining male and female of an amphibian spieces. Forced together by science to reproduce, Newt and Brooke however hate each other. They must find a way to love when it’s the only way to save their kind. Gary Rydstrom makes his feature directorial debut with a script he wrote with Leslie Caveny.
I just love Pixar.