Looking at renting DVC points?


I was just wondering if it was a smart idea to try and rent dvc points from current DVC members. It seems that the deals on renting are very good. Sometimes too good to be true. I’ve seen people selling points at 9 dollars a point which puts a normal night at the Boardwalk Villas at 99 dollars. I just want to be very cautious when doing something that sounds this good. Has anyone every had good or bad expiriences going through this process? Please let me have any pointers also. I would also like to take the time and compliment Mickey on a wonderful web site that has caught my attention. Great work and wonderful setup!


Well, the first thing you need to know is how the system works. When you become a DVC member, you buy a certain number of points, (we own 270 points), and you receive that amount of points each year. Everyone is assigned a use month (ours is June). We receive 270 points every June 1st, and we must use them prior to the next May 31. If we don’t use them, we can “bank” them, but must use them within the next year. So, each year, each member receives their points, and must use them within the next two years, or lose them. So, it happens all the time that people get their points one year, bank them, planning to go the next year, and something doesn’t work out. So, they have the points, that have to be used in the next year, and no way to use them, hence, the secondary market.

Point are priced based on market demand. Two years ago, they were going for about $11 per point, and now, they are around $9. If you look at it from a members point of view, they pay about $6 per point, and they sell it for $9 per point. Not only do they make a profit, but they have to get rid of them.

I have often sold my points to others, usually by booking a week, and selling it on ebay. I have done that five times, and have always had great people buy from me, and they have great trips.

It shouldn’t be a problem buying points from a member, as long as you follow common sense, and a couple of things:

  1. Make sure the reservation is in your name, and have the seller have Disney send you the confirmation.
  2. Find an escrow service, and have a good percentage of the money held until you arrive in Orlando, and every thing is ok.
  3. Make sure you deal with someone who can give you referrences.

If you check out the DVC board at Dis Boards, you can find plenty of people that are willing to sell their points. Just make sure you come back here after checking out their DVC forum. :slight_smile:

Any other questions? Don’t be afraid to ask. Oh, one other thing. Most DVC resorts don’t include daily maid service, they usually come twice per week. Just saves money for DVC members. You can request daily maid service when you check in, but I don’t think it is worth it. Oh, and by staying at a DVC resort, you can get into any pool at any resort, just flash you room card. Can’t get that by just staying at any old Disney resort.