Looking at the DVC resorts


OKW has the nicest rooms. I am looking at BW for our choice(never been there) but OKW(been there once) has nicer rooms. I know we will spend time at our resort but with a family, I feel like we would have more stuff to do at BW. I have been to OKW and it just did not impress me much, but the rooms,wow, they are nice. Now I have so much to think about. What helps you make your decision? I am torn.


We love the Boardwalk! We almost always stay at the Boardwalk because of the location (so close to Epcot and HS). I’ve stayed at OKW, and the rooms are nice, but it is too far away from the parks, and very spread out. I also think the rooms at the BW are very nice too…some are in need of refurb, but over the past few years, they have been doing lots of refurb, and we have been getting nice rooms.

You can’t go wrong!!!


The only reason I would choose OKW again is for the 2 queen beds if needed. It was pretty, but just a condo complex to me.

I make my choice by location or theming.


I’ve never been to OKW. For a resort only, I love AKV. But if we have the points, we try for BCV/BWV or BLT because of being able to walk to the parks.


Yeah, I guess I am leaning towards BW cause of the stuff around it and what it offers. I do really like OKW rooms though.


We love OKW for the precise reason that it is a break from the parks. We like to get away from the craziness at the end of the day and wind down with a glass of wine on the balcony. That being said…if I had to choose another resort I’d go with Boardwalk. I love the Boardwalk atmosphere - also the close proximity to Epcot. Fact is, we’re happy at any DVC property.


We usually stay at SS just because it is so relaxing, and I do like OKW for the same reason. OKW has nice big rooms and I like the fact that they have 2 queen beds instead of the pull out couch (which isn’t very comfy). If we take people with us that have children in the age range of 7 - 18 I would rather stay at BW or BC because they have so much around them to do.

But if it is only DH and myself any DVC will do. As long as I get to go to WDW I really don’t care which resort we stay at.


This is our way of thinking. When we’re ready to make ressies, we don’t have a specific resort in mind - whatever is available we take. I’m always excited to try a new resort, but I’ll take what they give me. I do love the fact that OKW offers the best accomodations - size-wise - for the least amount of points.


On a side note (not to threadjack) isn’t it amazing that every single person likes OKW because of the two queen beds. I think DVC should listen to its members and give us an option on whether we want a queen bed or a couch in the studio. Maybe have half the resort queen beds, and half couches.


So true. Give people a choice. You think they could design a room with 2 queen beds and a large easy chair. The new chairs they’ve put in the 1 & 2 bedroom suites at OKW are so comfortable. They could easily replace the sofa in the studios and still give people 2 beds.


One of the reasons we like DVC is having a sofa to sit on. My DH really hates sitting on a bed. But I agree having the choice would be nice, if we had more than two people.


Stayed at a 2 BR in 09 at OKW. Nice and big rooms. Some of the biggest in the DVC arsenal. I think all the rooms were just refurbished in 2010-2011. Go to You Tube. There’s a few “room tours” of the refurbished rooms.




One of the nicest trips we ever had was when we stayed at the Boardwalk. The room was huge and beautiful, we were treated very well (even by excellent WDW standards) by the staff, and it was one of the quieter resorts we’ve been to (granted, this was before our baby came, lol!). Easy access to Epcot. I really can’t say enough good things about Boardwalk.


Another big PLUS for OKW, IMO, is that you park right there at your room! We LOVED that in November. We are staying at OKW for the second time in just over 8 weeks. The room size is also a big plus for us. We too, like so many others, like the relaxed atmosphere. I haven’t stayed at the Boardwalk yet but hope to one day.


We pick the resort based on the trip. When we had the whole gang OKW was great because we could congregate in one room. If it is just Den and I, we’ll pick someplace different … such as this trip at the WLV.


We can’t get enough of the Disney atmosphere so we stay as close as possible. It was BLT for us primarily because of our granddaughter, but also the walking distance. At the end of the many long days we have spent at WDW, not having to get on a bus to go home was perfect for us. Since we joined we have been moving around and are trying them all. First it was Saratoga Springs, then Wilderness Lodge, and last time was Boardwalk. Next time (January) we’ll go home to Bay Lake Tower. I think they all have their pros and cons and depending on why type of trip you are on, determines what your likes and dislikes are for that particular trip.


We prefer to stay at SSR and ask for Congress Park, that way we are within walking distance to DTD.