Looking for 107 to 178 pts


I’m interested in renting points for a week or 10 days the first week of May 2006. Is it too late to do this? My first choice would be Boardwalk Villas or Beach Club.


Recently I checked for someone else,

First week in may is sold out except for 1 br.

If you need further info, we can make a conference call to Disney (call is free) and you can ask as many questions as you want.



How about May 7th-the 15th?


Just checked again,

Everything for May at Boardwalk is gone. Beach Club has a couple of 2 br avail. on scattered dates May 5-6, 19-20, etc.

At this point, unless you get very specific, the only things available are going to be SSR or OKW.

If you want any further info call me




Saratoga is a cool resort. We all really like it.