Looking for a bracelet


Hi, Everyone! In October of 2001, I saw a Sterling Silver bracelet with a Mickey head charm on it at Downtown Disney. The price was $109.00. I decided not to buy it at that time and when I went back in December, the charm was now a coin with an imprint of the Castle.

Does anyone know where I might locate the Mickey bracelet? The Disney Store is not carrying it and some other stores I have found on-line don’t have it either.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!:slight_smile:


I seem to do that every time we are at WDW. I see something that I really like, either forget to get it or think that I can get it next time, and then I never see it again. Well, look at it this way, you are ahead $105 plus tax.

I will keep my eye out for one. Good luck in finding it.


Thanks, anyway! I have learned a valuable lesson - buy it now!


There is a jewelry store int eh Contemporary, they use to make custom siver Jewelry. you may want to give them a try!! (I may be at the cont this week and if so Ill check for ya!!:wink: :slight_smile:


Send an e-mail to wdw.mail.order@disney.com (i beleive that’s the address) and describe it the best you can. If they still carry it anywhere at WDW they can help you out. I hope you find what you’re looking for! Don’t you hate it when you put off buying something and then can’t find it later?


Thanks so much for the link! I have already emailed a request for info and can’t wait for a reply! Thanks so much!!!

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You can call them directly at 407-363-6200.

Be aware though that they will charge $9.00 minimum for shipping…


They had no idea what I was talking about. :frowning: Oh well, when I go in March I’ll ask then.

I do appreciate you trying to help me!:slight_smile: