Looking for a nice AFFORDABLE hotel near Discovery Cove


Hey guys, its been awhile since I have been on! I miss having the time to chat with everyone!!

Anyway, we have decided to go back to Florida in June!! VERY EXCITED!!!
We will be in Clearwater first for a couple of days, then we are going to Discovery Cove!!! I cannot wait!! I have done the dolphin thing in Mexico and it is AMAZING, and now my kids are all old enough to do it and enjoy it, soo I talked my DH into Discovery Cove since we are not doing the cruise this time!!

This is my question… We want to stay CLOSE to discovery cove(within walking distance or a hotel that will shuttle us to the park), in a NICE but reasonable place!! Does anyone know of any good hotels in the area??


If I am not mistaken there is a Renaissance Hotel on International Drive that is really nice. I have stayed there and it was wonderful. There are 2 Renaissance Hotels in Orlando. Good luck! Have a wonderful time at Discovery Cove. There is another place that has swimming with Dolphins it is in Islamorada FL, it is wonderful. It is called Theatre of the sea. If you ever get a chance to go to the keys check it out. Your kids will love it. As a matter of fact, they not only have swimming with Dolphins in a natural setting but they also have swimming with Stingrays and Sea Lions, the park is so intimate that your kids can get really up close and personal with every animal they have their. So much better than Sea World.


There is a Renaissance right accross the street from Sea World. We stayed there one trip and it was really nice. Probably not the cheapest you’ll find though.


Thanks for the tips and I definitley will keep the keys in mind!!!


One other thing, my dm is going to Universal next month and she said they have a dining plan, not sure if you saw it. But you pay $ 20.00 per person and it is all you can eat all day long. I couldn’t believe it. They also have soda pop on this plan as well. I am not sure when they started this. Check it out on their website Universal Studios Orlando: Attractions, Accommodations, Shopping, and more
The Renaissance if I am not mistaken will still be cheaper than any Disney Resort.

Have a great time!


Personally this never appealed to me. The food service at Universal is not what it is a WDW. Now don’t get me wrong - I hate it when people compare the two because they are just vastly different and should not be compared - a different type of experience. But, that being said - we don’t like the food in the parks at Universal. It is mainly fast-food, counter service type thing and it is not nearly as good as WDW does it. The restaurants at Ciity Walk are great, but they are not on the meal plan (unless something has vastly changed from the last time I looked at it).

So, it is all you can eat at the counter-service locations in the park, and I believe you are limited to the ones that serve full meals (not the snack carts and stands) and I think there is also a limited menu as to what is available to you. When we do Universal we usually stay on-site and have only gone when we can afford to stay club level. So, we do breakfast there, snack mid-day and then have a nice early dinner at City Walk. We avoid counter service there.


Ok I partly agree with you. Yes City Walk has lots of great options. But since the park is only open from 9-6. I think you would just want to grab something and go fast. Obviously, this 20.00 plan won’t be for everyone. But it is a great option for some. I personally don’t want to eat Counter food all day. It gets old really fast. So that is why we are going to Universal on Friday then we have all of our adrs set in Disney. I would rather spend money in WDW.


Your’re right. There are some people on other boards who love it. But, then again we as a faily don’t really like fast food. And not everyone plans their day at Universal the way we do.