Looking for a photo of the castle


we were in Disney at the end of November/beginning of December. Because they were filming the Christmas Parade we didn’t really get to do our normal walk down main street. When we got home I realized that I didn’t get a nice photo of the castle in it’s beautiful 50th anniversary attire. Does anyone have some that then can email to me so that I can print them? I’d love you forever! :wub:
thanks so much


I believe I have a few nice ones on my home computer. If you PM me your email address I would be happy to send them to you tonight.


I have some GREAT ones with the 50th decor. I made sure to take LOTS b/c it was such a special occassion and I wasn’t sure if I would be back again during the 50th or not. Where would you like me to send them?


For some reason I can’t PM anyone right now, but if you could send them to me at hollygalloway@rogers.com that would be awesome! Thanks so much


Sending right now!!! tell me if you liked them :happy: Just in case you have a “junk filter” my e-mail is JessGoSka@msn.com.


I have some I took that you can download from the DC map: :smile: They are full res so they are big and you have to give them a sec to download all the way. :smile: then Right Click and “Save as”






I have some also, from our trip in December…let me know if you’d like them sent to your email!


Check out www.wdwlive.com. There is a cool one of the castle at night.


Fantastic photos!!! Thank you so much!


Did you get what you wanted, or would you like more pics sent to you?