Looking for a small (elusive) AKL contract~ any broker referrals or leads?


Hey again…I am finally ready… and find myself back here at Mousebuzz where it all started for me!
Wondering if there is anyone out there with any leads or referrals for a small AKL contract? 50-80 points? Or, a good broker that can help me track one down? I’m on tons of mailing lists, DVC waitlist and apps but they either go fast or don’t exist.


Jennifer, just responded to you on another thread. Go direct for a small contract. Resale prices are close to direct for small contracts because of demand. Add in closings costs, which I’m told are cheaper going through Disney vs. resale, the total amount spent will be very close for either and it’s easiest and quickest to go direct. Also you would then qualify for perks.


We got it! Found a small resale for AKL~ will be closing in a few weeks. :grinning: On wait list for a small direct also to get the perks. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Congratilations! My fingers are crossed it all goes well.


Yay Zoey!!! So happy for you!