Looking for Belle and the Beast


Believe it or not, this mom of 2 DS’s is actually looking for Belle and the Beast. We are bringing our adult cousins with us in December and my cousin LOVES Belle. I read up a bit and I believe they are in France…at a character spot… but is this true? I HAVE to find them at least once… This gives us an excuse to see Beauty and the Beast again- and maybe sit for that story thing at MK… is that worth it???

thanks guys!
Happy Sunday!


We’ve seen them on the far right side of France, we could see them as our boat pulled into International Gateway from the Epcot resorts.


and THANKS! that’s a good idea too- we can head over to EPCOT from Swan and hit France right away… good idea!!!:laugh: :laugh:


Yes, you can find them in France. I have seen them there a few times. Great photo opportunity as Beast isn’t out that much in the MK.


Yes, I’ll ditto again with France I think I may have only seen them there except for in parades, shows…etc… They might have a board that says when they’ll be out, but if not ask one of the CM’s in France when and where they’ll be and that way you can get in line before they come out.


France is the only place that we have seen the beast and he does not come out in the rain.


The only place I’ve seen Beast is in France. I’ve seen Belle in her yellow ball gown and in her blue frock dress in France as well. We also have pictures of Belle from Cinderella’s Royal Table.


I have also seen belle in the judges tent in MK … but I have great pics of belle and beast in France I even have just of the beast dancing with me since I told him he was my favorite prince … Belle wasnt out at the time I was told she was reading a book in the libary …


We saw Beauty and the Beast in France as well. I was so excitied, I had never seen the Beast out and about before…He is HUGE!!!


We have seen Belle and the Beast in Epcot at France. One time they were in a secluded area to the right, inside of the main shop & restaurant area (you have to walk into a little courtyard) and the other time was in front by the lake a little past the restaurant.


Ditto to France… the only place we have seen both Belle and Beast. I have seen Belle in th MK, but no Beast.


I’m going to repeat what all others have said and tell you that we saw him in France as well

Here’s a tip: When you arrive at Epcot, go to guest services and ask them where and when you can meet Beast. They will make a call and give you the exact meet-n-greet times and location for the whole day.

We did this and it worked beautifully.


Here’s our pic if you’re interested.


I’ve seen Beast with HIS PANTS DOWN!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

No, really . . . he was in the Holiday Parade, and my Mom just snapped a picture when the handlers stopped the parade, jumped on the float and pulled up his pants!! (I have a picture somewhere, I’ll have to find it and post) Belle was pretending to laugh at him and point . . . he just raised his hands and shrugged . . . it was REALLY FUNNY!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


We saw Belle and The Beast at France in EPCOT yesterday. In addition, France had Aurora and Marie (from The Aristocats).


Thank you so much!
I am going to ask when we get there… and make sure to check on France often!
Thanks again! I know we will find them! We are the determined sort! and my cousin will be so excited! thanks again everyone!!!



That is funny, I would love to see that pic if you find it.


awesome! Love it! What a great idea~!


Now this is right up my alley!!!


I tried to meet Marie in Sept. She was not meeting on the day we were there. I was disappointed, but we’ll try to meet her next time.