Looking for discount outlet for Disney Products


i have heard that there is an outlet store that sells official Disney merchandise anybody know where this store is located.



It’s called the Disney Outlet and they move around from vacant store to vacant store. Here in So. Cal there is always one within driving distance but it moves to a new city every 6 months or so. They are great - very much like Company D (the outlet store for castmembers), but bigger, and everything is 50% off.

I couldn’t find anything about it online, and before dh worked for Disney I only knew about it because I drove by it one day. They sell theme park merchandise. (Disneyland clothing, for instance, versus Disney Store clothing) I’ll ask my dh if he knows where it is now near you or can find out - where do you live?


I was hoping to find one in orlando near disney when we visit in about 4 days.


They have four outlets near WDW, two are in the belz factory outlet. One is on 535 near kissimmee can’t remember the name of the outlet mall but they have an Old Navy also. And the other is right off of 4 next to Dixie Stampede, sorry can’t remember the name of that one either.


The best Disney deal anywhere is to shop the outlet stores in Orlando. There are acutully 4 different Disney “Character Corner” Outlet stores in Orlando. If you have a car it is well worth the trip. Go early in your trip. It will keep you from spending to much in the parks. Althought most of the item are odds n’ ends, resort wear, last seasons designs, we have seen things that are currently being sold in the parks too.

The closest one is in the Premium Outlet Mall that is accross the highway from DTD. The next closest is at the Lake Buena Vista Outlet on Apopka Vineland (from I4 take 535 S, if you get to the Osceola Pkwy you have gone to far). The last two are both in the Beltz Outlet Malls at the end of International Drive. They are in two different buildings. I think they are buildings 1 & 2. If you drive north up International Drive you eventally run into a collection of buildings that is Beltz. The last parking lot of the left if the first building with a Character Corner. You will see a small walking bridge that takes you to another group of buildings. It is the other building with a Character Corner in it, maybe building 2. I highly recomend the pretsel shop here for a snack.

Even better at the outlet stores is the Beltz Outlet Mall Tent Sale. We bought APs one year around Oct 19th and the sale was the first weekend of our trip. My husband and I both got a nice leather jacket, t-shirts by the dozen, micky ears for everyone we ever know. The next year we went back the last week before the APs ran out and they were having the tent sale agian.



mickeymm1, thank you so much for your post. We’re going for a Magical Gathering in December and I want to get stuff for the family member’s that aren’t going to make it. Your post really helps! Thanks.


Thank u this will help buy souveniers to bring back to co works anb friends.


I would love to be able to catch the tent sale when they have it, is Oct. the only time that they have one? We will be going the beginning of Dec. this year. Last year we went later in dec and I know they didn’t have one then.